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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wicker Man

We had this lovely vison of ourselves this morning as a wicker man:

The wicker man is
Woven 'round and
Filled with holes
Robins and sparrows,
Feathered friends
Flit in and out
Round about...

So now we want to make a life-size wicker man bird house.

The wicker man stands on the toes of one foot, the left leg kicking gayly back and up, his back slightly arched. His head tips back as he gazes upward to the heavens. He reaches for the sky with his right hand held high and carries an invisible platter upon his left hand, head-high. He has holes everywhere with protruding lower lips that form perches for the birds who nest within him. Some holes seem related to chakras or organs or features such as eyes or nipples or mouth, and there are holes in the palms of his hands and the sole of his left foot.

The wicker man is an analogy for our body, with the birds being the various people who live within us.