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Monday, June 18, 2007

Demons – What Are Demons, Are They Evil?

We encountered a forum thread about demonology in which a person interested in learning more about demons had been warned about the ‘dangers’ of working with demons. An assumption was made that demons are evil and a sub-dialogue ensued about whether evil exists. One person asserted that they know evil is real because they have seen it for themselves. We always like this sort of argument and we find no fault with it; we make our own assertions based on our own personal perceptions all the time. However, we thought we might like to explore some of the ideas put forth in the demonology thread we were reading.

Demons – What Are Demons, Are They Evil?

If you believe in evil, then the evil which you believe exists in your world may actually exist in your world, but we tend to believe that this is because you have created your world to include evil. We believe that you are personally responsible for having created all the evil which you perceive in your world(s). We suspect that, while a context common to groups of people may exist which allows the worlds that they perceive to appear to be only a single commonly shared world, all of the worlds experienced by different people are actually unique unto themselves.

There may appear to be a great deal of similarity, so that the worlds we perceive may appear to be indistinguishable from the worlds you perceive, but we believe that every world remains unique to their observer/creators. Therefore, while evil may appear to exist in the worlds you create, evil need not exist in all other worlds, and we would hesitate to say that any property of our own worlds is universal to all other worlds or to any worlds of your own creation.

Possibly someone who is new to magick may have beliefs in evil which they will choose to manifest even if they are not consciously aware of a personal intent on their part to manifest evil. If they were to consciously or non-consciously choose to manifest a being which they describe as evil it seems to us that such a being can only act consensually; whatever results arise which might be attributed to such an 'evil' being would be the product of a consensual agreement between all parties involved regardless of whether any of the members of such an agreement are aware of having committed themselves to such an agreement.

The nature of reality appears to be such that whatever we desire may be made real. We need only learn how to ask for what we want, which is, of course, a typical purpose for learning magickal arts. The primary purpose to learn magickal arts, as we see it, is self transformation.

Demons, from our own point of view, are lovely creatures. They are not responsible for ways in which their powers may sometimes be evoked, however foolish or terrible the results may appear to be.

We see little difference between demons or angels aside from the following:

Angels are typically perceived as being safer to interact with. Neither demons or angels are 'good' or 'evil' from our points of view, it is just that angels appear to be specifically related to the most human acts and manifestations of our creations, while demons characteristically are related to those elements of our creations which may seem inhuman or may only be indirectly related to being human.

Perhaps an angel may be used to manifest food or wine or healing, while a demon may be used to manifest a typhoon or plague or drought. All may be parts of the worlds we are familiar with and it may be the case that some people will choose to perceive such works of demons as evil. We strongly suspect that the labeling of beings, things or events as 'good' or 'evil' is a misguided practice. Things simply are. If we must bring good and evil into it, then we would say that all things are good, even those which may commonly be called evil.

It appears to us that spirits are often required to help us with our magick because the degree of complexity of even the tiniest change we might hope to create with magick is so extraordinary. To cope with this complexity we create 'assistants' to manage the details. For some of us those assistants may appear to be angels or demons. Some people may call them pixies or brownies. Others may call them djinni or faeries or ‘the black man’.

The names or descriptions of those we create to serve us in this manner are irrelevant, they are simply a sort of variable, like in mathematics, a 'place holder' for a partial or complete concept of how to achieve a specific magickal result. These placeholders are created and programmed by the magick user to hold complex interactive groups of concepts or ideas clearly in focus for the purpose of achieving their magickal intent.

We may name our variables whatever we like. They may appear to us in any form suitable to our desire to perceive them, but we need not look for them outside of ourselves for they exist within us.

Imagine you have several objects on a table, each object representing specific concepts. Some of these concepts are related to what you desire; others are related to what you fear.

Now imagine drawing a line with chalk which separates the two groups. The line you have drawn is your demon or angel or servant. You then endow this line with awareness and independent will so that the line can adapt to changes in the world as they occur. The line shares a part of your consciousness and therefore it does your will, but it acts independently as well, and therefore has a will of its own.

This line you have animated is bound to serve you, you have created it. But to be useful to you your living line must be capable of independent thought and action. The line is, in part, an extension of yourself which you have endowed with independent life.

You will find it easier to learn about demons by creating them than by reading about them.

Trust yourself and set yourself upon this path: to know your demons for the creations you have made them to become, and to be the good parent who loves their demons, a devoted parent who will guide their demons well and who will care for them and nurture them.

May your demons serve you well…



Hi, we are collectively known by the name of Greg Gourdian for the purposes of publishing articles. We are a collective of people spanning many worlds and universes; we cohabitate many bodies in many very different or similar worlds.

We worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. While much of our written work is channeled, we may sometimes admit that we may have no idea who many of the voices of our channeled work may be.

We have many strange tales to tell regarding our spiritual journeys and we try to tell our tales in a humorous or entertaining manner.

While we were not an accredited teacher, we have taught high-school classes in metaphysics & parapsychology, psychology, and sociology, while we were attending our high-school as a student.

We are still emerging from the closet in regard to being a system of many people inhabiting what appears to be a single body in the context of the interface pairs we share with you. Our current written works reflect this new change in perspective as we have adopted the plural personal pronoun in order to reinforce our awareness and understanding of ourselves in regard to the multipleness of our being.

We apologize if we sometimes may sound either awkward or conceited as a consequence of making this change in how we refer to ourselves.

The core of our groups’ primary beliefs share these ideals: That love should be universal and unconditional; that liberty is our most important right, and that liberty is a gift like love which we may best enjoy by giving it freely to all others; and that justice may best be served by not judging.


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