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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Our Prayers Are Answered

Dinna think we ever would say that, and yet we have been saying it now, little by little, more and more, now, for the past two years or a bit more...

Yes our prayers are answered.

Specifically, we were lonely and praying to manifest a new lover, a special friend that would help us with many things that we neglect to do to take care of ourselves, things we know we should do but which we balk at for whatever reasons. We were hoping for someone who could be independent and not demand more than the little time we felt we could spare. Yet this new person was someone we were counting on to rescue us from ourselves, from the prison we habitually isolate ourselves within, shunning the outside world.
A tough list of requisites, and the list grows...
We wanted someone who could work with our multiple group, accept us for whom we perceive ourselves to be, not a mindless, sycophantic crutch, but someone capable of working within our ever-changing, evolving contextual labyrinths.
We wanted a lover who could work with our alternate selves and their various needs, an enthusiastic, aggressive partner in love.
We wanted a partner who could work with our energy, see it, share it, transmute it with us...
We got all of these and more...
We were aware of the universe test-fitting us for a new lover. We were presented with many potential partners who were attractive, and who appeared attracted to us, as well. They are all wonderful people who each had their various virtues and flaws; as eager as we were, we had to kick back a bit and let things develop, things were getting better and better all the time...
Then we met our new friend, and life has never been better.
Thank you!

Much Love, Gharveyn...