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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Coming Out Multiple

We have finally decided to 'come out of the closet' as it were regarding our multiple identity issues. By multiple identity we mean that we are many distinctly different people in the body we inhabit in this universe. Multiple personalities in the common sense are considered to be a single person with a core identity and differentiated or fragmented parts of themselves which are all related to or part of their core identity. The difference is important. While some of us may also have multiple personality issues, we often experience ourselves as distinctly different people, rather than parts of a single person.

Truly, we usually have no idea who we are. When we do get a clear impression of being just one of ourselves it usually feels really good to have a definite sense of having an identity. But most of the time we are just very confused about who we may be at any given moment. It is more like there are several of us working together as a team rather than consistently being one just one individual.

This is actually a good thing for us. We still aren't really clear about why we are the way we are, but it has certain advantages. We have more resources such as memories or skills together than as individuals. We always have a support group when we need help. We can keep each other company and tell stories and so forth, so we have the potential to be pretty happy much of the time.

There are some things that seem to belong to our body here in this world which aren't very pleasant, such as chronic pain. And lately we have been having a lot of trouble with chronic depression again too. But we expect to be able to make more progress with healing the depression now because we have a better grasp of what causes or maintains the depression. We are working with a variety of techniques such as NLP (neuro-Linguistic Programming) to reconstruct our habitual mental and emotional responses and behavior.

Please see our more recent blogs for more details.