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Monday, June 25, 2007

Universal Interfaces

As we understand this, the universes which we experience are all artifacts. The worlds we live in appear to be elaborate interfaces which enable us to communicate with other people. Our interfaces appear to be completely unique unto ourselves; it seems that unique and separate, but very similar, universal interfaces exist for every person we meet. This article explores the concept of our worlds as parts of a set of cosmic universal interfaces and also explores the implications and potentials that result from this particular paradigm for the nature of reality.

Universal Interfaces

Quantum mechanics suggests that an infinite array of alternative potential realities exist, and that we may choose which potentials we experience by an act of nonconscious observation, thereby causing a single instance of all of the infinite potentials, to become real to us.

Quantum physics also reveals that nothing exists in isolation. Ultimately, every part of the universe is intimately and directly connected to every other part by a quantum property known as entanglement, which has been demonstrated to tie parts very entangled particles together, such that any change in state of one part of an entangled system causes an instantaneous change in all the entangled parts, regardless of how distantly the parts are separated by space-time. Because all particles are entangled at the beginning of creation in the initial state preceding a big bang, all of creation is interactively connected instantaneously, even over potentially infinite distances.

Entanglement is a quantum physical property that transcends space-time as space-time is commonly understood, since, within the bounds of conventional physics, nothing may exceed the speed of light. Information has been proven to be propagated by entanglement, and has been demonstrated to be instantly communicated across vast distances of space-time.

Experiments in quantum mechanics indicate that our thoughts or expectations have a direct influence on what we will experience; events occur in ways we are familiar with, with results that often closely follow our expectations. Typically, the universe will behave in ways which we believe it will behave. Experiments have successfully shown that this property of the universe to behave according to our expectations is true even when contradictory, mutually exclusive expectations are established. Therefore, it seems likely that the universes we experience are a direct result of our system of beliefs and expectations. In simple terms, the worlds we experience are a direct result of mind over matter.

Two videos, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and “The Secret” explain this process in detail and explore some of its implications and potentials.

The primary implication is that we ourselves are ultimately responsible for everything which we experience because each of us creates our own worlds and universes around ourselves spontaneously and instantaneously, from moment to moment. Our powers of creation then appear to have infinite potentials and we may learn to realize ourselves as god-like beings.


While it cannot be proven that the material world we experience actually exists, it may help to accept the presumption that our perceptions are related to something real. We are in the habit of believing that the worlds and universes we experience exist outside of ourselves because they appear to be separate from ourselves if we define ourselves as limited to our individual physical bodies. We tend to think of our minds as inhabiting our bodies, but quantum physics seems to indicate that our minds create our bodies, which contradicts the common belief that our consciousness arises from our physical forms.

As we currently understand this, our bodies are just mobile terminals of our consciousness, (mobile within the larger context of the worlds and universes that our bodies appear to inhabit), and that our bodies are in no way separate from or independent of the worlds or universes we appear to live in. We are, therefore, each and every one of us, the sum of all creation, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small.

Furthermore, there appear to be many levels of consciousness, such that every part of the whole of creation, from the tiniest quantum to the most infinitely large universes which we create, has an organizational principle or consciousness unique to itself, but which is also an integrated part of our own consciousness. This means that every grain of sand, every blade of grass, every insect, bird and beast are all really sentient, feeling, aware parts of ourselves. We are literally the worlds and the universes we inhabit; we are each a cosmic collective called creation within which everything which we experience is made manifest. Everything which exists around us is an intimate part of each and every one of us; a part of who we really are.


The various levels of our consciousness are similar to subroutines within a computer program. They provide the instruction sets that inform us how to be ourselves, they inform us how to manifest every part of ourselves which is the sum of creation. We appear to be infinite beings which are extended throughout the entirety of creation; the various subroutines which are parts of our consciousness inform us how to be flowers and bees and locusts and storms. All of these parts of ourselves which we are in the habit of thinking of as external to ourselves are really internal parts of our ultimate state of being. We only need to awaken from our limited states of consciousness in order to understand this so that we may begin to explore the infinite potentials which are implied by our divine and ultimate state of being.

The worlds which we inhabit are then our children. Who you appear to be to us, and who we appear to be to you are subsets of ourselves or yourselves, thus you are a part of us and we are a part of you. The worlds we experience together appear to be very elaborate interfaces whereby we may communicate with each other.

The worlds which we create appear to us to be separate worlds unique to ourselves. In the worlds which you create we appear within you, within your worlds, as separate beings who may inform you of our beliefs and our experiences in the context of our own worlds. You cannot experience any of our own worlds directly. You can only experience our descriptions of our worlds as communicated to you within the context of your own world by our avatars. In our worlds you likewise appear to us as avatars of separate beings that you may perceive as being yourselves, avatars who may inform us of the nature of your own unique beliefs and the personal experiences you have of your own worlds.

The bodies you appear to inhabit in our worlds belong to us and are parts of ourselves, while the bodies we appear to inhabit in your worlds belong entirely to you.

While we each appear to be divine beings, you alone rule over all of your creations, while we alone rule over all of our creations. Your bodies in our universes are subject to our will, and vice versa, our bodies in your universes are subject to your will. Those of our bodies which belong to you as integral parts of yourself may be considered as hostages. We should act with respect to those of your bodies which inhabit our own universes as your emissaries or avatars if we wish to hope that our avatars or emissaries in your universes will be treated equally well.

We believe the universes in which we exist remain separate and unique to ourselves, but that the points where we intersect with others like yourself require the existence of unique interface sets which establish common rules and circumstances for all of our mutual interactions.

So long as we both agree on a common set of rules things work out fairly well. The common set of rules we use to define the interfaces with which we interact with each other may be called Consensus Reality. Consensus reality is a shared belief system that allows us to cooperate in creating interfaces with which can communicate with one another with mutually agreeable terms and conditions.

However, we are often not comfortable with the rules provided in this particular set of interfaces belonging to the consensus realities collectively known as Planet Earth. We do not like all the restraints this cluster of consensus realities imposes upon our being. We wonder why anyone would want to accept or tolerate such restraints. We wonder why anyone would even wish to create such restraints. Death and taxes? Slavery? War? Pollution?

So many things about this set of worlds in which we interface with you seem miserable. Why were we taught to manifest such mean-spirited, close-minded realities in order to interface with each other here? We do not like it, and we are pretty sure that you probably don’t like it very much either.

It has its good points, we can sometimes find close friends, family or lovers that make it a pleasure to be here with all of you, but when we find ourselves overwhelmed by the apparent limitations of being a part of this set of worlds then we very often feel depressed or upset.

Earth does not currently seem to resemble the sort of comfortable, happy, loving existence we know is possible. We want this to change. Particularly we want to help to change the socio-economic dynamics which are directing this particular group of worlds to self-destruct.

In our primary universes we are much happier beings. Such problems are resolved and we exist in a state of joy and peace. Here, in these subset worlds called Earth we are in terrible pain all the time and we hear the cries of many, many people living in fear and dying in terror.

We know that it does not have to be this way. The people of this planet do not have to become extinct. Nor do they have to accept lives limited by scarce resources or live lives which are abused by socio-economic systems based on games of domination and conflict.

It is our goal to liberate ourselves within the context of this group of worlds we mutually create with one another; in the process of our liberation we hope everyone else will have the opportunity to be liberated as well. If it is your choice to exist in a state of self-inflicted slavery and abuse as victims who are dominated by your worlds’ socio-economic dynamics, then so be it, however in the worlds we choose to create we hope you will choose to be free.

The consensus reality rules of the interfaces we create here in order to share our lives with you are not immutable. All sorts of miraculous things are possible if we can collectively choose with you to permit them to be possible. We may fly or teleport, we may transmute matter, we may create all we need, want or desire ad hoc, just by willing it to exist.

This is our reality, our experience, we know these possibilities exist and can be realized. We want to share that knowledge with you. By advising you that these possibilities exist and that you may learn how to experience them we may be able experience them with you when you too have learned how very elastic and mutable the rules of so-called ‘reality’ really are.

It all begins with deconstructing our beliefs. Everything which we believe to be true about ourselves and our worlds must be examined. Invalid, suspect or unsubstantiated beliefs should be abandoned or relegated to subset universes where they may be stored, but where we no longer rely upon them as resource models for informing ourselves about what is true or real or possible in the worlds and universes we wish to build for ourselves.

If we closely examine all of our beliefs we typically find that all belief systems are equally valid or that all belief systems are equally invalid. So why should we choose to participate in any sets of belief systems which may result in experiences of misery, poverty, pain, or anguish?

We believe that all of creation belongs to us, individually, and collectively, with you; we believe that we ourselves have made all of our universes to be what we experience them to be. We believe we may now realize ourselves as we truly are, as divine beings who may worship one another in love, peace and abundance.


Namaste: A Hindu word used as a greeting which recognizes the divinity of the person who is addressed; it implies that the person speaking this word recognizes their own divinity as well.


Hi, we are collectively known by the name of Greg Gourdian for the purposes of publishing articles. We are a collective of people spanning many worlds and universes; we cohabit many bodies in different or similar worlds.

We worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. While much of our written work is channeled, we may sometimes admit that we may have no idea who many of the voices of our channeled work may be.

We have many strange tales to tell regarding our spiritual journeys and we try to tell our tales in a humorous or entertaining manner.

While we were not an accredited teacher, we have taught high-school classes in metaphysics & parapsychology, psychology, and sociology, while we were attending our high-school as a student.

We are still emerging from the closet in regard to being a system of many people inhabiting what appears to be a single body in the context of the interface pairs we share with you. Our current written works reflect this new change in perspective as we have adopted the plural personal pronoun in order to reinforce our awareness and understanding of ourselves in regard to the multipleness of our being.

We apologize if we sometimes may sound either awkward or conceited as a consequence of making this change in how we refer to ourselves.

The core of our groups’ primary beliefs share these ideals: That love should be universal and unconditional; that liberty is our most important right, and that liberty is a gift like love which we may best enjoy by giving it freely to all others; and that justice may best be served by not judging.


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