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Friday, June 15, 2007

Random Bits

We have lots of time to think about stuff, particularly at the gym, and sometimes we have time to write about our odd or introspective thoughts. So here’s what we’ve been thinking about lately…

Random Bits

What are the arguments for choosing to believe in Atheism? We really should research this a bit, but here are our thoughts on it…

Simplicity: The tangible world is complex enough without making it more complex with intangible stuff we don’t know how to prove exists…
Non-Accountability: People may want to answer only to themselves and may specifically not want to answer to an authority such as god or to people purporting to be God’s Earthly representatives.
No Proof God Exists: Without proof that God exists, anything someone might experience that they purport to be an experience of God may only be their imagination. Choosing to believe in God without verifiable proof God exists may seem foolish or delusional to them.
Escape: Some people may want to deny God exists because they have had painful or traumatic spiritual experiences and denying God exists may be help them to escape from dealing with their pain or trauma.

A problem we have with Atheism is that when an Atheist dies they often believe they no longer exist and they then create an existence for themselves which resembles their idea of what being non-existent might be like. It can take a long while for them to acknowledge that they still exist after they have died, or that they might be better off returning to an incarnate life or sojourning in the spirit world with their friends awhile.

This is important to us because we were trained to help people who were isolating themselves due to a recent traumatic death or awkward after-life beliefs that were making it difficult for them to participate in the spirit world or return to an incarnate life. It takes a lot of patience to work with someone who denies their own existence.

My Space Hos

Maybe we have been too hard or judgmental about these folks and should take a friendlier approach. We have come up with a form letter reply to any more My Space ‘Friend’ invitations which do not include enough of an email or profile to give us an inkling as to why they have asked us to be their friend. Here it is:

Thanks very much for your My Space friends invitation,

We are not really sure why you have asked us to be your friend on My Space.

We think it takes more than clicking on a button to be friends; we would be happy to add you as a friend when we have gotten to know you a bit better, so please write us and tell us a little more about yourself. We really weren't able to learn much about you from your My Space profile.

If you sincerely would like to be friends and get to know us better then please visit our blog and write to us. Our blog has most of the articles we have written on spirituality, metaphysics, love, etc..., as well as our personal stories and our sci-fi fantasy tales.

We know, it can be really hard to tell the difference between our personal stuff and our science fiction or fantasy stories, but we will trust you to figure it out for yourself.


You can find our blog at

We hope to hear from you soon, and we will be happy to add you as a friend in My Space if we hit it off well with you.

Thanks again for your invitation!

Warm regards from: Greg, Roger, Falcon, Alina, Emily, Eric, Gina & Tina, Caz & Pol, the Three Sisters, Jerry, Tom, et al...

Yes, we are a multiple group, it’s a strange way to live but it can be a lot of fun... we hope you will really enjoy all of our stuff!

Ho ho ho!

Hopefully we will make some real friends, and perhaps we will not appear to be too rude or insensitive.


We have always assumed that our dad’s attitude toward sex was very unhealthy, it seemed like he was a sex addict and that his needs always came before everyone else’s. No one in our family felt particularly important to him. Our own attitudes toward sex have been fairly negative and sex has been a confusing and sometimes frightening business. We have finally come to wonder whether our Dad’s attitudes about sex may actually have been healthier, at least for him, than our attitudes have been for us.


With Tepet it seems a lot like playing with a tar baby, sticky and messy and maybe not much fun. Should we threaten him in response to his continuing hostile remarks? Should we try to ignore him?

He seems to be a very manipulative, somewhat hostile, egotistical SOB. Or is that really ourselves seen in the mirror of his being?

Dunno, may be best to just leave it alone. We did try calling a truce…

Ascension Network

Things were dead on Ascension Network for months; we stopped going there for nearly six weeks. Lately we have been back a few times and chatted with some folks there, but we are not sure if tis a good idea to start up there again. We want people we can touch and hold and love. That’s hard to have with someone in a chat relationship. But with no other relationships outside of ourselves its nice to have almost anyone to talk to and at least on Ascension Net we stand a good chance of meeting people worthwhile to talk to.

*!#?!!! (sardonic)

Hi! I am a (select adjective) broken bit of human detritus. I am just hoping that your own brokenness and my brokenness can fit together somehow.

It’s easier than fixing ourselves, yes?

So let’s hook up and keep each other broken.

Sounds like a relationship with Tepet, eh?