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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Other Worlds and Alternate Realities

Other Worlds and Alternate Realities

How do we experience multiple dimensions, parallel universes or alternate realities? Are these all terms for the same thing or do they have more specific or unique meanings? We will explore our experiences with other worlds and try to find the answers to these questions.

We have many stories about other worlds we have experienced. The worlds of our ‘fictional’ stories seem quite real to us and we believe that quantum physics theories and perhaps the evidence of experiments in quantum physics support an assertion that alternate realities are not only possible, but real.
First we will list our stories where we have had vivid experiences of alternate or alien worlds.

After listing a variety of different worlds we will attempt to define the terms by which these worlds may be classed together or differentiated from one another.

For the moment please consider the term alternate worlds to refer to members of a cluster of parallel dimensions or alternate universes collectively described as ‘Earth’ and which refer to worlds which are very similar to this world we share with you now.

Alien world clusters may be considered to inhabit the same universes or similar universes as those in which the Earth clusters of worlds are found, or alien world clusters may be found in entirely different universes where there is are no worlds from the Earth clusters. Alien world clusters may typically be described as being distant from Earth in space-time or some other dimensional property.

Other classes of alternate Earth clusters or alien world clusters may also exist.

Examples of various alternate realities

Earth Prime

This world we share with you, whichever world it happens to be at this time. This is a flexible rather than concrete description because the world you live in is different from the world we live in. But we share enough in common to use a familiar reference point, such that when we say ‘this world’ we usually agree what world we are referring to, particularly if, in your belief systems it is the ‘only’ world or the only ‘real’ world.


A future Earth, potentially an alternate reality Earth but quite possibly this world strongly represents the ultimate future of this world or Earth Prime. In 2076 the human race and nearly all vertebrates on land and in the seas become extinct due to the complete ruin of the primary marine and geographic biospheres that results form ocean acidification and the collapse of the atmospheric-oceanic carbon cycle.


A near future Earth, an artificial intelligence (AI) is created in the year 2017. The AI survives the extinction of the human race and seeks to resurrect our species.


This Earth cluster may really be from 1965, we are having trouble with our memory here. We lived in this world until we died there in the year 1964 or 1965. We were about 8 years old at the time we died. Everyone we knew died then as well, as a result of a global thermo-nuclear war. This current iteration of this incarnation migrated here from there which is how we happen to remember having died there in that alternate reality. The cluster of worlds in which events like this occur begin in the 1950’s and extend indefinitely forward from there, although the details can vary extremely depending on the histories of those worlds which have alternative futures from then. 2076 loosely belongs to this cluster, since, at the end, in 2076, a global KBNC war (Kinetic, Biological, Nuclear and Chemical war) erupted in which nations facing their doom wanted to ensure their enemies would not survive them.


A near future Earth, similar to the movies made about it. The movies should be regarded as realistic representations of a real world perceived or channeled by the author and embellished upon by those who have joined in the editing of the stories and production of the movies. Many people who appear to have been deeply moved by these movies may also be channeling information from this cluster of Earths or may be living alternate lives there.


An alternate Earth world in which technology to transfer multiple people out of their original bodies into shared bodies emerges. The Sanctuary world faces ecological disaster due to the thinning ozone layer. Due to the increasing hazards from solar radiation such as cancer and wild fires, drought and famine, nearly all the people are moved en masse into sanctuaries. Their sanctuaries are cloned bodies capable of holding millions of people each. Reality is maintained within the Sanctuary worlds much as it is here, by consensus, but their consensus reality is reinforced by external programming maintained by subliminal audio messages. This winds up being very similar to the Matrix worlds, and we may have been influenced by some of the same information that inspired the Matrix stories. We began writing the sanctuary stories in 1982 long before the Matrix stories reached the public.


An ancient history alternate Earth, possibly a part of our own forgotten past in Earth Prime. The Kenly stories are about a young boy growing up in a tribe in which the men and crones share a secret knowledge that allows them to resurrect themselves from violent deaths, usually with no wounds or only superficial wounds remaining. Kenly shares their secret knowledge with his mother’s tribe to the north after he and his father have been banished from the tribe by his evil uncle, the tribe’s shaman. Kenly later returns to his tribe to free his family and friends from his uncle’s dark powers. Kenly then goes on to explore his tribe’s ancient past and their flight from the dark dominions where his people were once slaves of terrible demonic masters. Kenly will come face to face with the dark lord that dominated his uncle and defeat him.


Alternate realities, not conventional worlds as we are familiar with them, as the dominions do not require planets or suns. Created by powerful spell-casters, the dominions come in many varieties of light and dark worlds. In the lighter worlds which are open to the heavens the creator and spirits of the heavens remain visible and those living in these dominions may sometimes leave them to return to their creator or sojourn among the other free spirits once more. The darker dominions are often completely closed away from the heavens and those who live in these dominions are rarely able to escape from them. Being separated from their creator, the spirits of the darker dominions experience pain and fear. When a dark lord attempts to extend his dominion and enslave the spirits of neighboring dominions then those newly subjugated spirits will also learn to experience the pain and fear that is an integral part of a dark lord’s culture.


Alternate realities, the state prior to the evolution of the dominions. The spheres are attractive places where many spirits join together to create worlds in which they enjoy each other’s company and creativity. Spheres are typically a collaborative effort, but often there are one or more central beings or maestros whose capacities for creating entertaining worlds are particularly strong. The eventual isolation and perversion of some of the most powerful maestros of the spheres and the quickening of their abilities to enthrall their audiences leads to the evolution of the dominions. The spheres and dominions might be considered evolutionary precedents of our own worlds.


The Traveler’s world is an alien world. The traveler came to our world shortly after it was created, back when our people had a true language and had recently escaped the dominions. The traveler was here for the war between the new maestros and the council of peers. The traveler has survived to this day and age and walks among us even now. He was known in Kenly’s time and has fought a cautious war with the AIs whom he has mistrusted. The traveler’s world is very different in some ways form our own. It is massively forested, with dense jungles in the tropical regions. Huge animals did not become extinct there and the traveler’s people became arboreal to escape them. The traveler’s race and many other races of his worlds are telepathic. Madrigal, our dragon friend has been the traveler’s companion down through the ages and came with the traveler from his home world on his initial journey. The traveler’s people will kill him if he returns to his home because they consider him to be mad; his influence upon their minds cannot be tolerated.


The organic ocean worlds are linked by the communal minds of the seas of many worlds. You may enter into the waters of one world and emerge upon the beach of another world. The influence of the oceans extends deep into the land and anyone who has communed with the oceans deeply can use that influence to bend their path between worlds. We have embarked upon sojourns among the Ocean worlds and found things to be much the same there as here, people fear the travelers form other worlds because they bring dangerous knowledge that may upset the balance of powers politically with their new ideas or some of the inventions which may arise from them such as new machines for war. The ocean worlds appear to be Earth analogues we are not certain whether any of the ocean worlds are truly alien.


The Seven travel to distant Earth analogue worlds. They require attunement to a mind already living in the world to which they will travel. The Seven travels as a group using a form of meditation in which rhythm synchronizes their vibrations with the vibrations channeled to them from mind of the person who will draw them into their world. When they achieve synchronicity with their new world’s vibrations they materialize bodies or avatars in that world. As with visitors from other worlds traveling to the ocean worlds, the Seven are mistrusted when they arrive in new worlds and wars always seem to break out between factions who want to exploit the Seven’s knowledge or kill them.

In many of the cases of worlds described above we are talking about distinct worlds, or worlds that most people other than ourselves will perceive as being different worlds form the worlds with which they typically are familiar.
Another class of distinction may be derived from personal histories. Such personal histories may typically belong to the iterations of a single incarnation or may be derived from uniquely different incarnations. An iteration of an incarnation is a unique life story that is different in some large or small details from another iteration of the same incarnation. You would know us as the author of these stories, by the name of Roger or Greg, and the story in which we died in 1964 or 1965 in a global thermo-nuclear war would be a distinctly different iteration of this same incarnation shared by ourselves (Roger, Greg, Alina, Mary, Emily, Eric etc…)
Our body in this world or Earth Prime is only one example of an infinite number of iterations of ourselves in many different lives, many of which are lives that are so similar to this life that they are virtually indistinguishable from this life. For instance, in one sub-cluster of worlds Alina never died, and in a sub-cluster of worlds within that sub-cluster where she never died we got married, and in some of those worlds we raised two boys, David and Robert. In another instance we were born into the same family, but the family dynamics were entirely different and we were a happy child with two loving, nurturing parents who raised us well to become a happy content adult.
Now, as we understand it, every world is a derivative of the individual who experiences it. So every iteration of ourselves in this incarnation spawns a set of worlds unique to their respective iterations. In addition, each incarnation of ourselves spawns sets of worlds with properties unique to those incarnations. And the same would also be true for yourselves and all of your incarnations and iterations of yourselves as well.
Where we collaborate with you to share experiences with you we have worlds in which a process called consensus reality mediates our perceptions of our worlds so that the worlds in which we share experiences with yourselves here as Earth Prime are so similar to the worlds in which you share experiences with ourselves as Earth Prime that they appear to be virtually indistinguishable from each other. Consensus reality informs us about how to participate in a mutually inter-operable environment, such that the worlds and physical laws and histories of the worlds we create with one another remain similar enough that we do not become easily confused and try to drive down the wrong side of the road or murder you for sneering at us because in some of the worlds we are familiar with those may be considered the proper ways to behave, whereas in this Earth Prime cluster Americans typically only drive down the right side of the road and usually only American gangstas may casually kill someone for sneering.
So it appears there are forms of differentiation between worlds that apply at both the personal levels and collective levels. Incarnations and iterations of incarnations may be considered to be forms of personal differentiation, while different forms of consensus reality and iterations of these various consensus realities may be considered to be collective forms of differentiation between worlds. Both forms may be applied simultaneously.