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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chaos Magick

Our thanks to Andilyne from The Ascension Network for inspiring us with their question…

We met Andilyne on the internet recently and they asked us what we might know about ‘Chaos Magick’. While we have heard of Chaos Magick we have not studied it in any formal manner. We believe we probably have an intuitive understanding and approach to magick which may strongly resemble whatever Chaos Magick may be considered to be in theory or practice. This was our reply.

Chaos Magick

We do not know a great deal about 'chaos' magick, however we can share what we know about magick and chaos.

Chaos is a description for complex systems. The level of organization of such systems can be modeled using chaos theory which allows approximations of such systems to produce predictions which correlate closely with observed results.

It is questionable whether true chaos actually exists or whether it only appears to exist because of fundamental limitations of human conceptualization abilities. The only things we really 'know' are all just abstract concepts. With regard to people who are considered 'sane' or 'rational' these concepts are closely related to the so-called 'real' world objects, systems and events we can observe. However, in regard to people like ourselves who may be considered 'crazy' the capacity to work with less rigidly structured conceptualizations may sometimes allow us to function in more complex contexts such as multiple realities and parallel dimensions.

Magick is the capacity to use ritual to select the reality you wish to experience. The primary purpose of ritual is not to change something external to the magick user, but to attune the magick user's mind and emotions so that they may experience a specific reality in which the desired result already exists or can manifest. All possible things/ systems/ events already exist, and everything is possible. The trick is to synchronize yourself to the reality in which that which you desire exists or will occur.

Since we are ultimately responsible for the creation of everything we experience, we actually participate in the creation of the world itself and the universe around it etc... As nearly as we understand this, we each have our own unique universe that we create, in which we create worlds and bodies and so forth that are given to other beings to use. So in our universe the person we experience as being you, the reader, has a body we create for you to use, while in your universe our body is a gift from you that you created for us to use. We use something called 'consensus reality' to co-ordinate events and objects etc. so that the universe you create and the universe we create may appear to be virtually identical or indistinguishable.

Creating a universe is a very complex task, and yet you do it all the time non-consciously. The conscious part of your mind is unaware of most of the tasks the rest of your mind performs. We link our minds together at various levels. For instance we share a common consciousness called the super-consciousness which informs us about consensus reality and how to participate in consensus reality to keep things in balance between our universe and the universes created by others. Another level where our minds may be linked is at the root level where our instincts exist, sometimes called the unconscious. Instincts govern our animal needs and physiological responses. At this level we appear to have a more primordial consciousness, whereas at the super-conscious level we may have a more calculating or cybernetic consciousness. Only four general aspects of our mind are mapped out, and nothing is really known for sure about these, the fourth aspect is our subconscious where forgotten memories and repressed behavior may reside. Our consciousness is typically unaware of the activities of the other three parts which we collectively call the non-conscious.

Occult tools like astrology, numerology and tarot, or practices like meditation and prayer are methods for expanding our consciousness so that we become more aware of our non-consciousness. Using an intuitive or instinctive awareness of our entire state of being might be described as a chaos approach to consciousness whereby we enable ourselves to reach states of mind whereby we are able to rewrite 'reality' or what we experience of the world we create to better suit our needs or desires.

In effect, it is necessary to abandon the local consensus reality and join a different consensus reality which allows magickal events to occur. This is because consensus reality loosely defines what is possible or permissible and what is not. Not all consensus reality states forbid levitation or teleportation or transfiguration, etc. But the consensus reality employed locally among the worlds which you or ourselves appear to share disallows these things and it can be very difficult to get around the limits imposed by this local consensus reality.

Nonetheless the potential for a unique universe exists in which you experience whatever you are looking for, and it is only necessary to transmigrate your consciousness from this local consensus reality to a consensus reality that permits what you are Working for to exist.

Good luck in your magickal endeavors! We are working hard to debug our internal logic systems so that we stop interfering with our own desires and can attune ourselves more successfully to realities that more easily support our perceived desires or needs. We can perceive many alternate realities, but until we resolve our internal conflicts it will continue to be difficult to make the sort of choices that will enable us to be more successful at realizing our goals and dreams.

Take care; love Greg, Roger, Alina, Emily, Jerry, Eric, Caz, Pol, Tina, Tom, et al...

Um yes, some readers may nit be aware of our multiple identity issues, but our multipleness appears to be at least partly related to our multi-dimensional perceptual abilities. Greg is our writer. As nearly as we can tell all people have the capacity to perceive alternate realities, its just that those perceptions are usually filtered out before their consciousness can become aware of them. Perceiving alternate dimensions is a necessary faculty for navigating life and choosing what we wish to experience and everyone employs this gift, it’s just that most folks are unaware of doing so or how they do it.

Perceiving multiple realities has definitely been confusing and may make our experiences appear chaotic. It takes time to adjust to these perceptions and learn to functionally incorporate them into our daily lives.

Have fun!


Hi, we are collectively known by the name of Greg Gourdian for the purposes of publishing articles. We are a collective of people spanning many worlds and universes; we cohabitate many bodies in many very different or similar worlds.

We worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. While much of our written work is channeled, we may sometimes admit that we may have no idea who many of the voices of our channeled work may be.

We have many strange tales to tell regarding our spiritual journeys and we try to tell our tales in a humorous or entertaining manner.

While we were not an accredited teacher, we have taught high-school classes in metaphysics & parapsychology, psychology, and sociology, while we were attending our high-school as a student.

We are still emerging from the closet in regard to being a system of many people inhabiting what appears to be a single body in the context of the interface pairs we share with you. Our current written works reflect this new change in perspective as we have adopted the plural personal pronoun in order to reinforce our awareness and understanding of ourselves in regard to the multipleness of our being.

We apologize if we sometimes may sound either awkward or conceited as a consequence of making this change in how we refer to ourselves.

The core of our groups’ primary beliefs share these ideals: That love should be universal and unconditional; that liberty is our most important right, and that liberty is a gift like love which we may best enjoy by giving it freely to all others; and that justice may best be served by not judging.


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