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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Feeling Tender

Thematically coupled Haiku.

Please read down the first column, then read down the second column...

Feeling Tender...

These tender feelings
Sweet pain
How can we let it depart?
It haunts us

The present moment
Opening memories
Of being alone

Memories of love
In Memories
Of those whom we now miss

See anyone at all
In their heart
Those whom they hold dearest
Are seen too

Contrasting our aloneness
By the love seen shared
By strangers

The tender sore spots
Call forth tears
Relief from our pain
Found in more pain

Holding what we lost
No release
Eternal moment
Wrought from agony

The sheltering past
Spares us from
The present
Bewildering moment

Self throttled
Abstinence from life
No one else to reject us

Full throttled
Headlong rush into love
Fear of hope
We crash in despair

Held in our own arms
We wait for the moment
When pain
Departs again

Tears withheld
Are drowning us
With their silent cries
Of unshed sorrow