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Monday, January 01, 2007

Afterlife Experiences – What Happens When We Die?

Many people do not recollect what has happened to them after they have died. This is quite normal because death is often a very traumatic experience. Also, our understanding of our afterlife experience may be too confusing for us to be able to store the experience away neatly in our minds in a manner we can consciously recall because the experience has no correlation to what we believe we know or expect will happen to us when we die.

Afterlife Experiences – What Happens When We Die?

When we die our spirit goes on an inner journey which explores the pain and suffering we have created in our life to heal our spirit from everything that has hurt us or caused us to hurt others. At the end of this journey we are once more in a state of perfect grace. This is when we may decide to resurrect, reincarnate or sojourn awhile in the spirit world with our soul mates before returning to an incarnate life.

The manner in which our afterlife experiences manifest when we die is determined by what we believe about the afterlife.

When we absolutely believe we will cease to exist when we die we are handicapped because we will spend time believing we no longer exist and we cannot get on with healing ourselves until we realize we have survived our death and we still continue to exist. It takes some of us longer than others to figure this out. There are trained intercessors that may intervene in such circumstances to help us. If we are caught in a state of belief in our own non-existence, an intercessor may help us to awaken from our self-imposed disbelief in ourselves.

If our beliefs about an afterlife are unclear, or if we believe in heaven and hell but are in a state of doubt about whether we belong in heaven or in hell, then we may create an experience for ourselves similar to purgatory when we die. In one form of purgatory experience we may enter a state of denial in which we have chosen to believe we have not died. We may then re-create a world in which our life continues but this re-created world slowly runs down and becomes smaller and more tiresome over time. A very good example of this sort of afterlife experience can be seen in the movie 'What Dreams May Come'. A person in this sort of an afterlife experience must first accept that they have died to begin their healing process.

Whatever sort of purgatory experiences we may create for ourselves, purgatory experiences may also put us at a disadvantage by delaying our healing. As with those of us caught in a state of believing we do not exist after death, intercessors may assist us in understanding what is going on in our purgatory experiences and may help us to get on with our healing work.

Those of us with definite beliefs about the afterlife and where we belong within the context of our beliefs will create our afterlife experiences to reflect what we believe. If we clearly believe in heaven or hell we will create experiences of these in our afterlife, and the majority of us will characterize our afterlife experiences as hell because most of us carry a burden of pain and suffering which, we might call our sins, for which we may believe we must atone. Our healing process in these circumstances takes us on a journey in which we have encounters that remind us of the hurtful things in our lives and which give us opportunities to heal from the pains and torments of our lives by forgiving others and forgiving ourselves.

There comes a time in our afterlife experience when we stand alone in the center of our hearts at one with ourselves and realize ourselves as god1. We have then returned to our ultimate divine identity. For many of us the process of reaching this place of unity with god includes an experience in which we embrace one whom we may perceive as Christ. Until we have healed from all of 'sins' Christ may often appear to be Satan to us because so long as we believe we may be sinful or evil we see our darkest nature reflected in the one whom we later perceive as Christ, and that looks terrifying to us because we do not want to embrace that part of ourselves which we regard as sinful or evil in order to become whole once more.

Once our healing work is nearly complete it becomes apparent to us that the evil looking being whom we deeply feared and whom we may have mistaken for Satan, was in fact the Christ spirit within ourselves and when we finally embrace that Christ-like part of ourselves we finally return to god completely healed. We become god once more.

At this point we have the three options I mentioned earlier, to be resurrected, reincarnated or to sojourn awhile in the spirit world with our soul mates before moving on once more in an incarnate existence. This option to sojourn awhile in the spirit world is what our myths about heaven are based upon.

When we resurrect we create a new physical body nearly identical to the body we died in absent the specific wounds or effects of disease which killed us. Typically we create our new body in a situation as close as possible to the situation in which we died. If we died in a car wreck we may return in a situation where the wreck was a near miss or our wounds were not fatal. If we drown at sea we may experience a miraculous rescue or we may find ourselves mysteriously washed ashore. We may return to any life we have previously died in.

When we reincarnate we can return as any sort of being from a grain of sand, or rock, or tree, to an antelope, or human, or any manner of alien creatures in worlds other than earth.

Our lives in the spirit world are forever pure and perfect because we no longer hurt ourselves or anyone else; while we remain in the spirit world we remain innocent. It is all the pain and suffering which we create for ourselves in our incarnate forms that leads to our old age and illness, and the death of our physical bodies.

The ‘afterlife’ may really be a bit of a misnomer, for we never really die, we live forever.

1god: Please understand that the term god may be applied according to your own beliefs and may include goddess or forms particular to other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Pantheism, etc… If you are an Atheist, try considering the term to mean the infinite universe if you prefer. It is my personal belief that creation is infinite and all of creation is conscious and aware, and that the sum of our infinite consciousness and awareness is what is meant by god. The term god should perhaps be understood to transcend all human qualities such as race, gender, culture, religion; etc… inclusive of all experiences not just our human experiences.

Fledgling author Greg Gourdian has worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. Much of his written work is channeled, although he will admit that he has no idea who many of the sources for his channeled work may be. He has many strange tales to tell regarding his spiritual journey and he attempts to tell his tales in a humorous or entertaining manner. While not an accredited teacher, Greg has taught classes in psychology, sociology, metaphysics and parapsychology.