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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Year 2076: The Initial Dream - previously titled: What Went Wrong?

Hi, if you previously read the post titled '2076: What Went Wrong?' please note that I have moved the three sections of the original post to new posts because each part is really very different and made the original post way too long. The new posts are titled:
Year 2076: The Initial Dream ...(this post)
Year 2076: Background
Channeled: Good, Evil, Malice and Creation

The following story began with a dream experience. The experience began in a dream, except that the dream went on for 5 days after I awakened. It haunted me day a night, I did not sleep more than a total of 3 or 4 hours in those five days. I began the experience as a ‘walk-in’ hosted by two men from the future. (If you are unfamiliar with the concept of ‘walk-ins’ try reading one of the Seth books by Jane Roberts.)


I am waiting in orbit for my Commander to return to our space station. His ship rises past mine and I trigger the program that will start my thrusters so I can join his escort. He has just been promoted and commissioned to be the first commander of our SDI space station.
Today we are commemorating the station's 'launch' as it officially goes online for the first time. It's been fully operational for several months, but this is a special day chosen to inaugurate it.
It's the 4th of July 2076.
There are several brilliant flashes above; I don't have time to comprehend what has happened until after I am dead. We have been attacked and the space station, the commander's ship and his escorts' ships have been destroyed. My ship has been destroyed as well.
I am not alone.
I separate into two spirits, one is the man who has just died in his ship, he is the soul who grew up in the host body I inhabited a few moments ago. The other me is the dreamer, the witness from the past who is watching this war unfold.
We acknowledge each other briefly, and then, together, we flash to the surface of the planet as the entire system of SDI satellites below our position blows up in an array of flashes like a Christmas-light blanket.

I enter the body of a naval intelligence operative in the field. My spirit companion enters the body of another intelligence operative nearby.

I am waiting with my partner in our observation post. We know there are squads of enemy soldiers looking for us. Our camouflage is good but we will be found if they come within 50 meters or so of our position.
We have been frantically trying to report a missile launch we observed a few minutes ago, but our infallible satellite up-link has failed. It is somehow being jammed. The scale of this missile launch can only mean the end of our world.

A volley of automatic rifle fire tears through our camo and we both take dozens of hits in our abdomens. Abruptly we are dead again.

I am not alone.

There are four spirits here.

One has been my recent host, at this former observation post. Another is his partner. The third spirit is the man who was my host with whom I died with in orbit, and fourth spirit is myself, the observer from the past.

We acknowledge each other. There is a silent communication between us. The partner is shocked; the man whom I have just died with is shocked too, but not so bad.

Dead people often have a lot of difficulty with their deaths, but these men were reasonably well prepared. They knew they were very likely to die soon. Still, dying is difficult, and their culture hadn't adequately prepared them for the experience. However, once you're dead you may be likely to recognize the experience is familiar, that you've died before, and you may feel as if you can handle it.
Both my recent hosts have some awareness of this, particularly the man I died with in orbit. The partner is less familiar with dying, it's harder for him, and it's still hard on all of us. Death can be very painful and traumatizing.

The worst part is being torn away from family, friends, everyone you have loved. But, we're here as witnesses, and we dutifully watch.

The camo is torn away and we see a squad of men surrounding our position which is in a small hollow atop a tall dune of sand in the desert. We hear orders being given to look for booby traps. Our gear is rigged, but of course we can't tell their squad leader what to look for or how to disarm it because we're dead.

We want to help.

It's funny, they've just murdered us, but we want to help them.

As we watch, we see the left hand of the body I most recently died in begin to move. It slowly reaches toward the carbine lying in the sand to its left.

Some of the enemy soldiers see the hand moving, and one of them begins to lift his rifle to shoot. He is stopped by a man to his left who raises his right arm and lowers it gently but firmly down on top of the rifle his friend is trying to raise.

Everyone present has begun to realize they are here to witness something.

We watch as the hand of the corpse continues to move. It grasps the carbine and draws it close to its body. The carbine seems to melt and flow, and it transforms into a short length of garden hose, perhaps 2 meters long, or a little shorter.

The back end of the hose trails on the ground and appears ragged or frayed or insubstantial, the forward end with the nozzle flows with a tiny trickle of water as the corpse brings the hose to its mouth to drink.

As the corpse drinks from the hose, the dead body fully animates, slowly sits up, and then stands.

No one speaks.

As the undead corpse rises it begins to glow with a beautiful light. A halo appears around its head. The face transforms.

To each of us this Man looks somewhat different but we all know this Man. His picture has graced millions of homes, chapels and churches. His statue has been carved or cast or modeled in clay or stone or wood or plaster countless times across the centuries since He last rose from the dead. It is the Christ aspect of God returned to the world in its hour of doom.

He walks out of the observation post that was dug into a hilltop and His garden hose flows strongly, spraying the earth before Him as He goes.

Where the water touches the dust and sand and earth, the land springs forth with teeming life. Flowers and bushes and trees and insects and birds emerge from His watering shower of life. This life spreads outward a short distance to either side of the path He walks upon, creating a verdant stripe of life in the arid desert roughly seven meters wide.

We follow Him.

He walks unerringly toward the nearest village. It is a long walk but we scarcely notice the distance or the time. We are untiring. We know without uncertainty that time with this Man is Eternal, and we are all rejuvenated in His presence.

As we walk into the village people run out to meet us. Fear and wonder transform their faces but everyone quickly recognizes the One who walks among us and they join His entourage.

We know that the world is about to begin over again, even as it is ending itself in a nuclear holocaust as our frenzied allies retaliate and eager opportunists seize the moment to destroy their ancient enemies in a final cataclysmic spasm of our race's insanity.

This dream experience goes on from here please see my other Year 2076 posts.

It's difficult to tell everything about this experience in the first person. There is a great deal of background history experienced that provides an important context to the events described above; this history is part of the cultural background and experiences of the men I joined and died with then, it is a profound history that still waits for us in our future. (see Year 2076: Background

Thanks for reading my blog, while I present this material as a story it was a very real experience for me. Not all our futures are this bleak, and the details of any particular future may differ only slightly or very dramatically. This particular future that I describe in my AD 2076 stories is just the one which appears most probable given the current state of our world. All of the scientific background regarding the potential disasterous saturation of our oceanic carbon sinks is true. We will smother ourselves to death in a relatively short time if we fail to make the changes required to build a sustainable global energy infrastructure based on solar power satellites and terrestrial power receiving antennae grids.

To our future, may it be sustainable, Greg