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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Thinning ‘Veil’ – Will It Completely Disappear?

Those who are interested in the steady increase in spiritual or psychic phenomena should know that many attribute this to a phenomenon they describe as ‘the thinning of the veil’. The veil protects us from being overloaded by discarnate spirits. For some people this raises an alarm, they wonder that if the veil is there to protect us and if it really is thinning, can it disappear altogether? What will happen to us if the veil were to one day disappear completely?

The veil is that which lies between incarnate and discarnate spirits. The veil is there to help our incarnate forms to remain focused on our worldly goals rather than be distracted by the plights of recently deceased beings.
Those who have recently died are often in a state of turmoil because they do not know how or have not yet remembered how to integrate with their infinite spirit. When a death has been particularly traumatic the discarnate form of the spirit can take a long time to heal and may be very distressed. Or, when a large number of incarnate beings suddenly become discarnate beings all at the same time then their sheer numbers can keep each other in distress much longer than if they were not reinforcing each others distress with their own distress.
All of these forms of distress that some recently discarnated beings may experience can be a burden for those incarnate souls who are sensitive to them, so we have the veil to shield us from all of this while we live as incarnate beings.
Is the veil thinning? That is the apparent perception. We see it that way because at this time more and more people are communicating with discarnate spirits and it is becoming easier for us to do so. But I think it is not the case that the veil is actually thinning. I think we have that mistaken perception because our abilities to communicate through the veil are getting stronger. We are evolving as spiritual beings and acquiring greater skills in all manner of psychic abilities, and our mediumship ability is working better now than it has in the past.
If the veil is not thinning then it will not disappear.
If the veil is thinning, it will still not disappear entirely because some incarnate beings must still be protected from the thoughts and feelings of recently discarnated beings.
So either way, the veil is here to stay.
One other reason the veil appears to be thinning is that in the not too distant future about 3 billion human beings pass away, all within a span of time of about ten or twelve years, these 3 billion will be immediately followed by about 4 billion more. About 3 billion survivors of this decline and cataclysm all die in the brief years that follow, so that in a span of less than twenty years we become extinct as a species on this planet.
Fortunately we have infinite lives in infinite worlds so there will always be worlds where we avoid this mass extinction. Unfortunately our world will not be lucky enough to avoid this mass extinction if we do not start working to prevent it ASAP.
With so many humans suddenly discarnated in such a brief time there are more spirits than ever in great distress and we sense them from our future as our abilities to communicate with these discarnated spirits grow.
My current understanding places this mass extinction around the year 2076. That may change over time depending on how we work to prevent that future from becoming our own future. It may draw closer if we accelerate the processes by which we will have doomed ourselves. It may grow more distant if we are partially successful in preventing it, and it may one day never threaten to be our fate again if we successfully avert our doom.
So the 'thinning of the veil' is a good thing. More and more discarnated spirits from our future will be able to share their warnings with us in order to try to save themselves from the doom we have already begun to create for them.
Our anxiety about the thinning of the veil is our anxiety about two things. One thing is the content of the messages we are receiving from those who will have passed away in our extinction; those messages are very disturbing. The other thing is that many of those discarnated spirits from our future are exceptionally angry with us for allowing their world to be doomed; their expressions of anger may badly frighten us.
As the messages from our future become more clamorous and dramatic we may begin to realize our responsibility to save our descendants from this doom. We may still change this terrible future and attain a sustainable relationship with our world.
So, regardless of whether the veil is thinning, let us take heart in the messages we receive from the future and use those urgent messages to build a sustainable future for us all.

For details about this particular future in which we all may die please read my stories titled ‘2076’.

Fledgling author Greg Gourdian has worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. Much of his written work is channeled, although he will admit that he has no idea who many of the sources for his channeled work may be. He has many strange tales to tell regarding his spiritual journey and he attempts to tell his tales in a humorous or entertaining manner. While not an accredited teacher, Greg has taught classes in psychology, sociology, metaphysics and parapsychology.