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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

CONTRACT: Limits of Liability

Any work I may do specifically on your behalf is regarded as a free service. Donations are welcome but are never required. You hereby agree to be fully responsible for all actions which you shall take and that you will not hold me responsible for any loss or harm regardless of whether you may subsequently believe that following my advice has caused you any damage.

Where issues of your mental, physical or emotional health may require you to see a doctor or counselor it is your sole responsibility to seek out appropriate proffessional help.

It may be my opinion that you may not need to see a doctor or counselor in circumstances where you appear to be unduly concerned about a problem with your wellbeing. If, however, in your own opinion you have due cause to seek professional help from a doctor or counselor you are always responsible to do so independently of any opinion I may offer you for the purpose of being supportive or understanding in regard to what may appear to me to be an irrational or ungrounded fear.

You hereby agree that I can not be held responsible for your failure to be entirely or accurately truthful where such failure may mislead me into offering you inappropriate or unacceptable advice.

You will have been advised to read this Contract and failure to do so on your part can not be be found to be grounds for dismissing the limitations of liability defined in this agreement.

Any effort to contact me for the purpose of seeking my advice will be considered to be your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any remuneration offered to me with regard to my work on your behalf will also be considered to represent your approval and appreciation of my service, and shall be deemed sufficient grounds to exonerate me from any responsibility for your subsequent actions or behavior.

My apologies for the unpleasant neccessity of relying on a 'terms of service and laibility contract' but I have accepted wise advise regarding this matter and I have agreed to act responsibly in regard to that advice. In regard to this advice I would be unable to provide any service, free or otherwise, without first securing your agreement to these terms.

My thanks for your consideration and understanding, best regards from Greg