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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Spiritual Advice and Psychic Reading – My Personal Technique

Whatever you may think about how the process of spiritual advising or psychic reading may work I wish to make it clear to you how I work. You may find that the way I define my work is familiar to you or you may consider it to be very different from your expectations. Either way, I hope you will understand what it is I have to offer to people who are in need of a little help with their lives and that you will have the confidence to approach me or someone like myself if you yourself are seeking assistance to be a happier healthier person.

Like anyone else in life I am just another person, like you, who has been prone to make mistakes. I still make mistakes but I am not concerned about making mistakes because I have learned that each mistake is a learning opportunity which will help me to grow and become a better human being.

While you may not realize it, you also have a spiritual strength or psychic ability not unlike my own. If there is a difference in our abilities it may be that one of us has studied and practiced using their abilities while the other one may have had less opportunity to recognize their own spiritual gift and develop it. You and I are much alike no matter how many differences we may find between us; this is one of the reasons why it may be possible for me to be your psychic reader or your spiritual advisor. I already share with you in my heart many of the same things you have found within your own heart and so I can easily empathize with your own experiences and circumstances.

A lot of my work is accomplished by a process of trial and error. Most of that process is invisible to you because it takes place in my thoughts and you often will only know of the results of my efforts to understand your situation and discover what you need to know to help you become a happier healthier person without knowing all of the mistakes I may make along my way to help you. What happens when I think about you and open my heart to feel what your spirit needs to say is that I test different ideas about what may have happened to you until I come across the ideas which feel right to me. You and I may grow much closer to each other in this process and eventually I may even begin to channel your own spirit's words to you for you to listen to and to heed.

Typically, I do not dredge up a lot of personal information and details about your life which you already know. What I do is to look for places within your heart and mind where there are conflicts and discord. I then try to understand why you are in turmoil within yourself and what approach is best suited to help you resolve these dilemmas within yourself so that you may be freed from the burdens of any past mistakes or misunderstandings which may be hampering your efforts to improve yourself and become a more generous, loving, nurturing human being. In this manner I may be allowed to guide you to discover for yourself how you will make yourself happier and healthier.

I will not say that there is no magick involved in this process, for there is a very special kind of spiritual magick involved. But it lies completely within your own power to heal yourself and to make yourself a happier human being. I may only be fortunate enough to be able to show you the way. You must still do all the really hard work yourself.

Fortunately, while our own personal spiritual work can be very difficult for us at times it is never beyond our abilities to accomplish it. You will need only a few important things to begin helping yourself to live a happier healthier life.

Foremost you will need to love yourself deeply and fully for everything which you now are or have ever been. Additionally, you will need to forgive yourself and all others for any harm you may have done or received. Finally you will need to resolve every conflict or turmoil within yourself so that you cease to afflict yourself with anything which may harm you or hinder your happiness.

Ultimately we are each the creators of our own lives. Our own hearts and minds are responsible for everything which we experience. This is a good thing because it means it is always within our power to improve our lives. You may never have known this before, or if you have heard these words before, you may have failed to understand how to use this advice to empower yourself to successfully change your life to make it better. I am here to be your guide in this regard and I will attempt to show you how to empower yourself to effectively take control of your life and become the happier healthier person you wish to be.

I welcome you to take a few steps with me along your spiritual journey, warm regards from Greg