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Friday, August 11, 2006

Transformation In Progress - A Personal Moment of Self Realization

Transformation In Progress - A Personal Moment of Self Realization

I've been a regular visitor to a site called Pathways for nearly two months now. I've shared many of my ideas and beliefs and opinions with many of the wonderful members there. What drew me to Pathways was that I very much needed to be healed.

You may have discovered some of the problems I have been coping with in earlier posts, and I just wanted to let you know how much wonderful help I have received at Pathways. Many of the people I have met through their posts at Pathways have contributed to what I can clearly describe as a transformative experience.

Reading so many peaceful words, kind insights and affirmative visions helped to draw me out of what was nearly a perpetual cycle of negativity characterized by chronic anger which had been making me very ill. With help from the members of Pathways I was able to reach a place that I knew existed in my heart, a place which I have long understood to exist intellectually, but from which I had been holding myself back, a place where things finally balanced out and were no longer being distorted by old, outworn perceptual habits and beliefs.

One of the things Pathways has inspired me to do that I have shunned in the past was to try prayer again. In the past I have held too many reservations aobut prayer, confusing it with religion and worship in ways that were discouraging. I have tried from time to time to return to prayer to try it again but there was always that shield of skepticism or disbelief in the way.

This time those ideas that had sabotaged prayer for me in the past were silent and my first new prayer was answered. And answered, and answered again. That prayer is still being answered every day and my life has changed for the better tremendously.

What did I pray for? . .. ...Someone to talk to.

This may seem like a simple thing but what I was asking for of course went deeper than that; I was asking for someone to talk to with whom I could have converstations related to spirituality. And that was precisely what has been delivered again and again since that day. That was one step of this awesome transformation I find myself in the middle of at this moment.

There is one whom I met on another website who also contributed a great deal to this process, he is known on the Ascension Network as AmbientAngel. His post titled: "How to Create" drew me in and we wound up exchanging ideas that reinforced much of what I was learning at Pathways.

The day before yesterday, (Aug 9th, 2006) on my drive to work I put into practice an idea that came about as a result of many remarks I've read at Pathways or from AmbientAngel. Once I began acting out of that new resolve the response was nearly immediate and extraordinarily profound.

I had remarked to AmbientAngel that I was really having trouble remembering to disengage from my anger or bittterness, or to remember to practice loving myself and accepting myself, and that I would need to project these vigilant skills into a thought form that would keep them alive and active in my life at those times when I might forget.

As it happens, there is one whom I have sometimes cravenly regarded as a 'thought form' who insists that they are quite real and independent of myself. I have sometimes described this one as my familiar. I call this unusual character Madrigal.

Madrigal is a sinously slinky telepathic green dragon with a golden yellow belly, four limbs, four wings and a splendid golden yellow crest that runs from crown to tail tip. (You may recognize this character as the companion of The Traveler in one of my stories posted earlier on my blog.)

Madrigal agreed immediately to be a gaurd of my consciousness and awareness and began playing with me as I drove to work. It got very pleasant as Madrigal slithered all around me waking up various parts of my body and cleansing my chakras.

In just a few moments many blockages among my chakras were released and the rising kundalini energy was nearly overwhelming in its intensity. Needless to say I had an absolutely wonderful day that day and it has continued on through yesterday and into today.

I continue to meet new people who share their lives with me and who accept the things I want to share with them with grace and enthusiasm. And, while I may still be heading into a divorce, my wife and I are once more at peace with each other and able to enjoy one another's company again.

How powerful was this transformation? My wife and I shared a conversation that night which reviewed my recent work at Pathways and some of the articles I have recently written which were inspired there. And she got it. She got it in such a huge way that the next day she was inspired to write a long email in which she praised all of her closest friends and expressed her deep love for all of them, and I topped the list. She described that night as a deep transformational experience that had released her from her own negativity. She has become as vibrantly full of good energy as I have, and I believe we owe it all in a very large part to the great spiritual work being done at Pathways and the Ascension Network.

One of the things I told my wife last night was that I now know I could never be lonesome or lonely again.

I think this is true because I feel that everything I was doing that has locked me away from the world and kept me hidden within myself has melted away and I am once more the member of the universal community of beings I have sometimes known myself to belong to. But now I feel as if I shall never again lose this wonderful feeling of belonging wholely to the entire world and to everyone I meet.

I have already thanked the members of Pathways for making their site the wonderful place it has become. I look forward to the evolution of Pathways and the Ascension Network and the ongoing growth of all of the wonderful members of these sites with awe at what we may all become in our journeys through life.

I also thank you, my readers who visit my Blog. I am encouraged by every new visitor who comes to my site and I hope some of you may begin posting comments or will visit Pathways or the Ascension Network to discover more about your own spiritual journeys through life.

Warmest regards to everyone, everywhere, you are all a significant part of this magnificent blessing I have received and which I hope to continue to share with all of you...

Click here for a sketch of Madrigal...