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Monday, July 03, 2006

The Sanctuary: Timmy and Gigi

About 'The Sanctuary'
In preceding parts of 'The Sanctuary' the groundwork has been laid for an unusual new technology. Invented by a team assembled by a multi-billionaire who was desperate to rescue his dying wife from inevitable decline and death, the Sanctuary technology allows two or more people to inhabit a single host body. Legislature has been passed permitting the use of this technology, and the application of the Sanctuary technology has moved beyond criminal confinement or rehabilitation and entered the commercial marketplace.

The Sanctuary: Timmy and Gigi
Timmy or Gigi’s behavior was becoming quite strange. It was hard to tell these days which was which or who was whom. Great Grandma, or Gigi as she was fondly known in the Spencer family, had passed into Timmy last April.
Felon hosts were too expensive for the Spencer family, so they had decided that Timmy would be the best Host for Gigi. It made sense to use their youngest child as Gigi's host; Timmy and Gigi would have a long life ahead of them before they might need to move into a new host. And really, who wanted to have some ugly old convict in their home when they already had darling little Timmy?
Timmy had been terribly afraid when the family decided that he should host his great grandmother, he was only six years old then. Now he sometimes felt like he was ninety-six.
Gigi was perturbed as well.
When Gigi awoke in Timmy's body something had seemed terribly wrong but she just couldn't put her finger on what it might be. Now Gigi could often be caught (there is no way to put this very nicely) playing with herself, it seemed she was having a great deal of trouble adjusting to the change down there. Gigi had lived her entire life as a female; her anatomy no longer fit her mental image of herself.
You could usually tell when Gigi was dominant. Aside from the nearly habitual way she would grope herself, Gigi would always make herself up with wigs and a padded bra (falsies really). After applying her makeup Gigi would then imagine that she was entirely presentable to the world at large.
The Spencer family often needed to restrain Gigi in her more ambitious moments because she still tended to get lost if she left their apartment.
You used to be able to tell when Timmy was dominant because he shared the passion of most boys his age, playing virtual reality games on the internet.
But, as time wore on, Timmy’s strenuous resistance to Gigi’s influences waned. Now Timmy would often neglect to remove Gigi's makeup or wig or even that peculiar accessory undergarment that was so very inappropriate for a boy of any age, never mind a boy so young as Timmy.
The Spencer family was getting very worried indeed.
Lesson learned: senility may not always respond to a young healthy brain, so don’t wait so long before having an older relative pass in to a young host body.
Uncle Alfred was getting on in years now, many of the Spencer family suspected his mind was beginning to drift a bit. Perhaps they could persuade him to join Timmy and Gigi. The boy would certainly benefit from a strong male presence to guide him; Uncle Alfred was the perfect candidate to steer Timmy back to a more masculine character and appearance.
Uncle Alfred would surely be a great help to Gigi too. Her grandson knew her very well; with his constant presence to help her stay focused she might finally emerge from her semi senescent existence and exercise better judgment and comportment in her new life in Timmy’s body.
Uncle Alfred was hesitant to go at first; but a decline in his fortunes promised to leave him in penury. Rather than become homeless or take up precious room in his brother’s tiny apartment, Alfred conceded to the Spencer family’s plan to have him move in to Timmy’s body so that he might help Timmy and Gigi to adjust to their awkward situation with each other.
Timmy’s uncle tried to look on the bright side, he would be growing up all over again; only this time around he definitely knew what to do with girls and he planned to do it at every opportunity. Damn his grandmother if she objected.
Besides, Alfred didn’t expect his grandmother would be too much of a bother. Rather than assist her in gaining a better mastery of herself in her new body he expected he could dominate her completely and make her to take a back seat as it were. Alfred would force Gigi into the role of an observer looking out through the windows of Timmy’s eyes; he would rarely allow her to be a center stage actor upon the stage of their conjoined lives.
The more Alfred thought about the opportunities presented by moving into Timmy the better he liked his brother's proposition.
Oh what a joy it would be to feel young again!
At the transfer house Timmy/Gigi and Alfred were sedated. Timmy was more frightened than ever before. He could only imagine what sort of awful shenanigans his pervert uncle would be up to once they were forever joined together in Timmy’s body. Timmy had seen for himself how his uncle would leer at his two older sisters Betty and Donna. Timmy had overheard them tell each other stories about what the creep had tried to do with them whenever he though he had a golden opportunity.
Neither Timmy nor his sisters had ever told their parents about their awful uncle; they were sure their parents would rather choose never to believe them; it was much too shameful to risk telling a story that would only be rejected out of hand.
Now Timmy was truly sorry that none of them had ever been brave enough to tell their parents about their awful uncle’s dirty games.
The moment Timmy learned that his uncle was to move in with him Timmy had tried to tell his Dad what was wrong with his uncle Alfred. But Timmy’s dad worshipped his older brother and his dad just got mad and yelled at Timmy for making up such terrible stories about his brother. Timmy’s dad said he knew Timmy was just trying to spoil things for everyone and that he should just shut up and accept they way things were going to be.
Timmy withdrew in shock from his father’s tirade and Gigi came forward to ask what was all the ruckus about? But all Timmy's dad would tell her was to shut up and mind her own business. Gigi stalked off in a bit of a temper but by the time she reached the little room she shared with Timmy she had forgotten the entire upset and was busy with the mystery of what had happened to her ‘down there’.
Gigi was soon sitting on their little bed facing their mirror. She began to repair her makeup.
Gigi had noticed from time to time that she never appeared to be smiling when she looked in the mirror. She had come to the conclusion her mouth was too small, so Gigi used her makeup to draw a better mouth, a big huge smiling mouth. There now, that was better, she was smiling now! She also used her makeup to make her eyes seem larger, it was strange how her face seemed so much smaller these days.
The results were truly hideous but Gigi never seemed to notice how awful she made herself look.
From some strange place within her self Gigi heard Timmy crying. For a moment she thought it might be herself crying, hadn’t she been upset about something or other only a moment ago? But as Gigi listened, the cries grew clearer; in a rare moment of lucidity she recognized Timmy and asked him what was up.
Timmy and Gigi often talked when Gigi was lucid, but Gigi remembered little or nothing of anything Timmy might tell her, she was still having trouble with the idea that she was now a guest who had somehow moved in with her great grandson’s spirit and was now sharing his body with him. Time and time again Timmy would explain this to her and she would marvel each time as she came to the conclusion for the umpteenth time that that would explain those funny feelings down there.
This conversation with Gigi was the same as all the others; by the time Gigi got around to once more remarking about how remarkable the whole affair was she was already beginning to drift back into here senescent state.
When Timmy said her grandson Alfred would be moving in with them Timmy could sense a sudden alarm course through Gigi’s spirit. But all she would reply was how wonderful it would be to have her oldest grandson Alfred move in with them; he was such a charmer Alfred was, and she knew that Timmy would just love all the wonderful things Timmy’s uncle would be able teach him.
But since that day there had been a darkening of Gigi’s spirit that would not go away. Only Timmy could see the shadow in Gigi’s spirit, a shadow that seemed to loom larger and darker as the days passed.
Now, in the Transfer House, as their sedative began to take hold, Gigi came forward vehemently crying No, no, no! But her cries dwindled away to snores and their attendant failed to note her outburst in their chart, he had seen it all ten thousand times before.
Alfred woke up from his nap and stretched. The creaky pains that always plagued him after a nap were gone. He felt strangely lighter and he didn’t have to pee; stranger yet. He always needed to take a good pee after a nap, even a short nap. When he stood up from his bed he seemed shorter, something else odd. And why was he in a hospital bed anyway, he hadn’t been ill had he? But he felt so strange that he thought he must indeed have been ill, what other explanation could there be?
It was not until Alfred looked in the dressing mirror that he remembered where he was. Alfred expected a great toothy grin to appear in the mirror but only Timmy’s tiny gap-toothed smile was reflected, Timmy had lost another tooth to the tooth fairy last week.
Alfred quickly retired to the privacy of the John to check himself out. Wow, he thought, this could really be fun! Whereas Gigi merely fondled herself absent mindedly not sure what she had down there or why, Alfred was on the ball, and Timmy had his first lesson in masturbation first-hand as it were. Timmy retreated deeper within himself in shame as Alfred zipped them up.
When Timmy’s parents finally came in to check on them Alfred snapped at them that he had long been ready to go home; what was holding things up anyway?
For the first time in his life that gaga look of adoration that Alfred’s brother had always fawned on him was missing. His brother used to make allowances for his bad temper and demanding ways, what was wrong? And then he realized that his being in Timmy’s body made his brother unprepared to respond to him as he normally would, he was responding to his son Timmy rather than to Alfred.
Alfred would have to teach his brother Derek a lesson or two; he didn’t want his little brother to go and lose all respect for him. But this could really be tough, he no longer had the physical power to dominate his brother with outright force, nor could he rely on their long past association either. While wearing Timmy's body Alfred's brother would always see his son first; or would he?
Alfred was sure he could fix the problem given time, but he might just have a long row to hoe ahead of him.
After several long months of his uncle’s perverted tutelage Timmy’s parents finally saw the light and got them all into counseling (all being Timmy/Gigi/Alfred, Timmy's parents, of course, were just fine).
Timmy's parents were particularly worried about Gigi; they hadn’t seen her in over a fortnight. Timmy’s quirky behavior could just be normal, though why he would now lock himself in their only bathroom so frequently was anybody’s guess; it was really getting on their nerves. Alfred told them it was his old bladder problem, blithely lying that it was still up to its old bad habits even though he was now in a new body. What with Gigi’s rampant senility getting no better since moving into Timmy’s body no one had any choice but to believe Alfred, now did they?
Alfred was a bit afraid of going to a psychotherapist. He knew he would be in trouble if the fellow got a clue to what was really going on. He had been giving himself a thorough work-out at every opportunity, and not the body-building sort either, mind you; Timmy had to watch through every dreadful ecstatic moment of it all, which of course made it all the more fun for Alfred.
So Alfred was now working on Timmy even harder. By the time he was through with the boy Timmy wouldn’t say boo. He began by blackmailing Timmy with threats of what he would do with Timmy's sisters. He had always had more than just an eye for the girls and Timmy knew just how sincerely he wanted to play his dirty games with them.
So Timmy spent hours with Dr. Roseblat, who let Timmy call her Nancy. Throughout their sessions Uncle Alfred ogled the pretty young psychotherapist and shared all of his lewd daydreams with Timmy. Timmy could scarcely keep control of himself in Dr. Roseblat’s presence; the shame of his uncle’s thoughts was driving him to such extreme distraction. Dr. Roseblat, for her part, mistook Timmy’s odd behavior as a crush; she felt a little flattered. Dr. Roseblat spent most of her energies in Timmy’s sessions trying to divert Timmy away from her as an object of affection.
This was hardly doing Timmy any good, because although he was sure he could have a crush on Dr. Roseblat, the circumstances made it impossible to think about. To the contrary, Timmy was getting very tired of seeing Dr. Roseblat because with every visit he was subjected to the vile pornographic imagination of his uncle’s dream affair with their doctor. There was more than a little truth to the phrase about undressing someone with your eyes and Timmy had seen far more of Dr. Roseblat through his uncle’s x-ray imagination than he should say he ever wanted to. Worst of all, Timmy was actually begininning to enjoy his voyeuristic examination of Dr. Roseblat through his uncle’s perverted imagination.
Damn his uncle!

About 'The Sanctuary'
Timmy’s will eventually gain the upper hand; he will become more in control of his body. Clients of Sanctuary Technologies Incorporated were everywhere running into difficulties like Timmy’s; Sanctuary Technologies technician were hard at work trying to improve things.
There was no retreat from this strange journey that so many people had madly embarked upon. Guest spirits could not be removed from their hosts without killing the host. But a new technology emerged, a virtual world technology that assisted in relocating guests to dream worlds where they could live contentedly without interfering so much in the life of their host. Each guest in a host's body still received real-world time when they were dominant, while their host's spirit or any other guests would sleep or retreat into their virtual reality worlds.
While host spirits were now typically given the most access to their own body and the were given the most control over the schedule for who may use it, felon bodies' native spirits were now even more severely suppressed; they were rarely ever allowed any access to their own bodies or to the real world.
The new VR technology became the basis for the next stage in the evolution of The Sanctuary. Before long it would become necessary to create host bodies capable of hosting millions of souls because the real world was quickly becoming far too inhospitable to support the billions of people living there. In the next twenty years nearly two billion people will die in the real world while billions more would be directed to take refuge in the Sanctuaries.
Sheltered in the Sanctuaries, the masses exiled from the real world will dream the remainder of their lives away in virtual realities while new generations are born to them. They will know nothing of the unreality of their new lives and will whole-heartedly believe that their journey to a Sanctuary was just a hoax. Their former real lives will be continued in the VR worlds of the Sanctuaries just as they were in real life.
The sleeping spirits of the Sanctuaries do not know they dream; they accept the official story that a cure for host syndrome was discovered and that all the guest spirits of former hosts have now been reincarnated in clones. This of course is just part of their programmed dream, a dream designed to keep them unaware that they have all departed their real life bodies to take refuge as spirits in one of the many Googlehosts created by Sanctuary Technologies Incorporated.
The Googlehosts are semi-human tabula-rasas (Latin for ‘clean slates’). There seems to be no actual limit to the number of spirits that a Googlehost body can hold. However, the more spirits there are the less real-time any of them can experience; at some point there may be too many guests in a host to allow anyone in the host access to real-time in the host's body.
Since a host body’s native spirit typically has an edge over all the guest spirits hosted by its body the Googlehost bodies were designed to be tabula-rasas. The bodies of the Googlehost clones would never have native spirits of their own. All the Googlehosts would be cloned to be soulless entities fit only to house the refuge spirits of people from the real world.
So where did all the spirits of the children born in the virtual worlds housed within the Googlehost tabula rasas come from?
There are many more good stories to come in The Sanctuary tales. I will dredge up some of the few parts of The Sanctuary I have already written and post them on this blog for you at some later date.
One thing to note, when has anyone performed their job exactly to specifications?
In the old USA in the world of the Sanctuaries the technicians responsible for designing the Googlehost clones' DNA did a no-no. They used some of their own genetic material as sources, rather than building all of the DNA from scratch, enzyme by enzyme as they were instructed to do.
In India the Googlehost technicians took an easier approach, they simply cloned the best human specimens they could find to match their criteria.
Technicians in Russia and China were ordered to use the DNA of their leaders to create their Googlehost clones. Not a good idea.
So now, all around the world, none of the Googlehost Sanctuaries have been constructed according to the initial design team recommendations.
There have been repercussions.
Many of the Googlehost virtual realities become rigid dictatorships where their despot leaders, by virtue of genetic reinforcement inherited from their DNA, now hold the ultimate power over their subjects.
In the USA the Googlehost Sanctuaries' virtual reality worlds are subverted by the children born in the next generation. The children seem normal enough at first, but over time they begin to exhibit magical powers, powers they carefully hide from their parents and any other people who emigrated from the real world to a Googlehost virtual world.
If runaway dictatorships and magical children are not enough problems, consider this: some of the Googlehost Sanctuary clones will awaken. The concept that a clone could be created without a spirit was entirely wrong. The clones have souls, souls which grow and evolve very differently than would a naturally born spirit. The spirits of the Googlehost clones have no natural infancy nor have they any natural parents to raise them. The awakening spirits of the Googlehost clones discover just how powerful they are within the virtual reality worlds which inhabit them. Many of the clones will have two awakenings, first they will awaken in their internal VR worlds, and then they may also awaken in the real world. Clones who awaken in the real world retain many of the extraordinary powers they developed in their VR worlds.
Many people in the real world escaped the migration to the Googlehost Sanctuaries. Few of these people survived the transformation of their world into an inhospitable land burned by the naked sun, stripped of vegetation and wildlife by the relentless mutagenic fury of the solar radiation streaming through the ruined atmosphere.
The survivors in the real world avoided the sites of the Googlehost Sanctuaries. These sites were well defended, but it was not the brutal automated defenses that they feared. The sites of the Sanctuaries were strange warped places where any who wandered near were in danger of losing their minds.
When awakened clones appear out of the warped lands of the Sanctuaries with their god-like powers they are mistaken for demons.
The real world survivors begin crusades to assail the Sanctuaries and destroy them. Terrible wars are fought to speed the awakened clones back to hell. The crusaders were motivated by twisted tales that blamed all of the terrible changes in the real world on the Sanctuaries and the demons that inhabited them.

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