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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Organic Ocean: Emerging

I began this illustrated story in 1985 but I lost the thread of the tale to other distractions...

The Organic Ocean transcends many worlds, linking them together in its dreams. I gave my spirit to the ocean and it carried me far away.

This was a stranger story than some I have tried to tell. My spirit was washed up upon the beach by the ocean; there my spirit took form, coalescing from the grains of sand. This story carries on in a similar vein to the Sevenfold Rhythm, but it differs in that I journeyed alone. Having internalized what I learned from my friends about how we traveled between worlds I was now able to accomplish journeys on my own.
There is one in this new world whom I am seeking; one who, as in The Sevenfold Rhythm, has acted as a bridge or gateway to this world drawing me here from far away.
But the world I have arrived in is somewhat out of focus. The one I seek is not here; they are in a distant dimension of this world. I must now travel through the shifting dimensions of this new world seeking my friend. Here, no place which I depart is quite the same place as the places where I have arrived.
My footprints disappear behind me where I have passed from one dimension of this world to another. I am being tracked, someone has managed to follow on my trail, they seem to be herding me to a destination which might not be one I would choose for myself were it not for their influence driving me on at a faster pace than I might have taken on my own. I do not know what designs they have for me, only that in past journeys strangers who have exhibited a keen interest in me or my friends have rarely had benign intentions toward us.
Perhaps I never found my friend. Was I captured or killed? I do not recall.

Perhaps I will find my way back through my memories and rediscover the thread of this tale for future blogs.