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Friday, July 14, 2006

Lone Eternity

The following song is about a wanderer who travels between worlds seeking new friends. The melody has a lilting quality, the dramatic phrases are underscored by changes of voice in tone, timbre and intensity. This was my favorite performing arts piece and I think the favorite of my audiences as well.


Now it is dark, it is dark, it is dark, it is dark here...
Have I no light with which I may feed the night?
It is so dark, oh so dark, oh so dark and cold here...
This tiny fire I hold scarcely warms my heart...
Still, on the hills all around burn so many, many fires,
and I can hear in the night... voices from their shadows...

Sometimes I have ventured across the dingles,
braving gullies and streams and `go-bumps' in the night...
to climb the hills where the winds waft their flowering fires,
to join the choruses of voices that have gathered in the night...

Their spell is broken the moment I come into their circle,
for I bring them the fears that have held them here...
For to be here on their hillside I have wandered through the darkness,
I bring a chill to their hill when I appear...

For all their friends whom they have loved who have braved the darkness
have met with fates that they would rather not have found...
Drowned, (or) with their necks broken, (or) torn apart by beasties,
they never have returned to their frightened friends.
Or if they have, they were changed, and were withdrawn, or they turned hostile,
and they attacked and were repelled and returned into the night.

So it is known by the circles of voices in the shadows,
that warm themselves briefly by the fires in the night...
That only terrors abound there beyond their flaming fires;
and that none should ever brave ... the darknesses of night.
So they sing praises to the son (sun) that casts away the darkness,
as they wait by their fires for a day that never comes.
They burn their hearts, and their minds, and their bodies,
and their souls too...
to feed the fires they are burning high to feed the night.

Now I have come to their fires for warmth and affection,
see, they gather around me and hold me tight.
Now I am bound by the love that they have for each other,
as I am bound by the fear that they have for me,
and I am bound by their iron law and sentenced to their fire,
while I sing of love and peace, and our lonely hearts...
There I burn into vapors and fly into the sky where...
I return to my soul's lone eternity...

Now it is dark, it is dark, it is dark, it is dark here,
with my one light I may feed the night.
It is so dark, oh so dark, oh so dark and cold here,
this tiny fire I hold sweetly warms my heart.
And, on the hills all around burn so many starry fires...
from which sweetly singing voices learn to love the life of night...