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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Galactic News Report: HOSTAGE WORLD!

Galactic News Reporter:
(Voice is Rastafarian)

This is your Galactic News Reporter, I and I, bringing you your Galactic News Report.

Our top headline this news cycle is:

Attempts are being made to reach the kidnappers of the planet Earth, and its entire citizenry who are being held hostage by themselves. Every part of their own world, including every member of their own race has been demanded as ransom. This unusual situation seems irresolvable, because the victims are only able to pay their ransoms by selling themselves into further bondage. How this could occur is part of the mystery being investigated.
Galactic investigators are searching within the victims for the criminal elements they feel certain they will find. It would seem that no member of the human race is guiltless of either kidnapping himself or his neighbors. Ransom demands are apparently in excess of their abilities to produce. Spiraling inflation and an apathetic global community are two important clues that have implied the existence of this remarkable crime.
What will the Galactic Investigators assigned to the Earth do?

Galactic Investigators are trying to get in touch with the criminal elements within the Earth societies. We know they are there. They have cleverly hidden themselves within the egos of their hostages, from which they arise to make merciless demands of their victims.
These dangerous villains are unable to maintain their desperate hold upon their deteriorating world without frequently showing up within their victims' characters to make them behave in a criminal manner. To reach these criminal elements we are using the hostages as go-betweens.
The hostages themselves have the best access to the criminals they harbor within themselves.
The criminals have been unable to completely isolate their victims from our Galactic Investigators. It is only a matter of time before we have reached the criminals through their hostages, and are able to begin working with them for their rehabilitation.
Our rehabilitation goal is to help the criminal elements to be aware that their immediate purpose for holding their victims hostage has been to be loved and cared for. We hope to show them that that their goal may only be reached when they have begun to love and care for themselves.

Since the people of the Earth are already paying incredible amounts of energy toward their impossible ransom demands, we expect they may be willing to divert a small amount of that energy toward a positive goal as an experimental effort to achieve the results they have been seeking all along.
The criminals oppress their victims by convincing themselves that they haven't the energy they require, love. The love they seek has been buried deep within their victims' hope chests, deep within their victim's hearts. These victims are unable to yield their hopes to their criminal natures, no matter how desperately they may be oppressed or tortured by themselves.
Hope may only be shared by those who already have hope. Hope is an infinite resource created from love. Hope may never be destroyed or taken by force. Hope may, however, be hidden. The criminals hope to get to the source of their hope, love, through some process outside of themselves. This proves our criminals are human. Because they hope for love, they must have loving hearts with which to hope. How their loving hearts have become hidden from themselves remains the greatest part of our mystery here. Since hiding their love from themselves they have sought beyond themselves for that valuable treasure of love they may only find within themselves.

In trying vainly to extract love and hope from their environment they have instead drawn more and more unusual artifacts from the flesh of their world. Their societies' nearly mindless extractions from the flesh of their world now threaten to kill their world. Some of their artifacts and the waste products from their manufacturing are particularly dangerous. These artifacts are celebrated in a ritualistic manner by which their priests, called Advertisers, try to invest these objects with qualities of love and hope. Their planetary communion, consuming the sacred objects of Commercialism, is intended to remind them that the love they seek still exists, and that it may yet be found.
Alas, the citizens have so confused themselves they have mistaken the symbols of their magic rituals of Advertising for the very properties for which their symbols were created. If, in fact, the love, hope, charity, justice, or freedom implied by a symbol exists within the symbol, it can only be there because the symbols’ users have put it there themselves. If they secretly hide aspects of these divine qualities within their Commercial artifacts, then it is obvious they actually know where, within themselves, their hearts are, as well as how their hearts may be opened.

We are helping the citizens to rehabilitate themselves by retarding their ability to blind themselves in the presence of their own love. They may then see the incredible and infinite treasure they already possess.
Once they are aware of the infinite resources within themselves their criminal natures may feel more secure and comfortable, because they know their most clever or forceful schemes never were able to remove even the tiniest fraction of this wealth from any of their intended victims, even from themselves.
Knowing they will always have more love than they may ever exhaust they may become eager to invest their love in every imaginable way, giving it away freely, to see how it may grow and develop many beautiful properties in their world.
Having cracked the communications barrier, we are now present on Earth in great strength. We hope to achieve our ambition to show the Earth citizens how they may heal themselves and their world. We are welcoming Earth's awareness of its part in the Galactic Union. There are many solutions to the riddles posed by Earth's societies. We hope to share awareness of these solutions with the many interested parties.

Thank you.

Galactic News Anchor:
(Voice is British BBC talking head)

It would seem the mystery: `Who holds Earth for ransom?' is rapidly being solved. And, for those watching, the solution seems close to heart.

* * *
Written and performed for `Emergency Broadcast' a May Day performing arts event at the Kennel Club, in Philadelphia, in 1986. It’s still seems a mystery how we may cease to hold ourselves hostage.