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Friday, August 17, 2007

About Alchemy – Choose to Love

We have the capacity to choose to love in response to every circumstance in our lives. Choosing to love empowers us; the rewards we manifest by choosing to love are wonderful.

About Alchemy – Choose to Love

We often see people complain about being bored or complaining that someone else is boring.

We would like to recommend that if you are often bored with people that you make a special social studies project of people whom you think are boring. We haven't actually met any boring people so we very much doubt that any boring people really do exist.

Some people may seem tiresome, but that is not the same as being boring.

When we find someone appears to be tiresome or boring it is usually due to a disconnection... Their interests and our interests do not seem to match up very well...

Yet everyone has a story, events in their lives which are important to them, things which they feel very passionate about; when you tap into these things and take an interest in them you may typically find that person is really very interesting.

It's a choice we can make, whether to find someone boring or interesting. Learning how to make that choice can be very important to us because in the process of opening ourselves up to a wider range of experiences and stories from other people's lives we can learn much more about ourselves as well.

Every emotional and mental state we experience is something which we can choose to change or to maintain. Maintaining our familiar mental and emotional states may often seem the easiest ting to do, but we can become so over-invested in the belief systems and values which help us to maintain our mental and emotional states that we may become very inflexible and find it much harder to grow, to adapt, or to accept change.

Yet change is inevitable; persons who become rigid and have a diminished capacity to adapt to change often deprive themselves of many opportunities in life; they may cut themselves off from a wealth of experiences that they might have cherished had they allowed themselves to be open to change and to be vulnerable to love.

And perhaps one of the most wonderful things about our lives is that there is an abundance of spiritual wealth and enriching experiences all around us all of the time. It's up to us to see this abundance and to learn how to take advantage of it.

The more we learn to connect to other people the richer we may make our lives. Everyone has something to contribute to our lives that will make our lives more rewarding if we know how to open ourselves up to other people and enable ourselves to discover the wealth within other people that we will personally treasure.

Some of the experiences we have of other people may seem to hurt us, they may appear to be abusive people who deliberately seek to hurt us physically or emotionally, or they may appear to be callous people who casually hurt us without any deliberate intent to do so, who hurt us simply because they may lack the connection to us that makes them value us enough to pay attention to our presence and our needs and to show us compassion, respect or courtesy.

When people appear to be deliberately intent on harming us we usually find that they have been badly hurt themselves and that their only way to cope with their own pain is to make someone else feel worse than they feel. It is a very shallow approach to coping with their own pain and in the end it makes them more miserable even if they appear to enjoy causing us pain at the moment when they are indulging themselves at our expense.

Such wounded people will continue to go about hurting other people until they have found the means to heal themselves and discover the capacity within them to love themselves, as well as a capacity to love and appreciate other people; capacities which they may sometimes appear to be lacking when they allow their personal pain and inner torment to dominate their lives and drive their behavior.

To heal such a person requires patience, acceptance and love. We may not be the one who personally helps them to finally heal themselves but we can still contribute to their healing. The best reasons to contribute to their healing are two-fold, we will stop them from trying to hurt us anymore, and we may help prevent them from hurting other people as well.

Sometimes, to help prevent a malicious person from hurting other people, we may discover we have deliberately or unconsciously provoked such a wounded person to attack us because we aware that the person they may attack next may be weaker than we are, that the next person to become a target of such a person’s malice may suffer much more in response to the malice that this wounded person needs to indulge in than we ourselves may suffer.

When someone with a malicious nature attacks us the first thing to remember is that they are not really attacking who we are. They are attacking their own pain and anger which they are projecting into their perceptions of us. We become the target for what hurts them most within themselves that they cannot tolerate. Their attacks are never really about us; their attacks are really always directed against themselves.

They make it seem like their attacks are about us because they want to believe it is all about us because they are trying to escape from acknowledging how deeply they are hurt and how badly they feel about themselves.

Such people are very skillful at pushing other people's buttons. They instinctively know the weaknesses in other people that will enable them to dominate the other person and abuse them. So they will seem to be making a very personal attack but when they attack anyone, it is never really about the person who appears to be being attacked, it is still all about them and their needs which they do not know how to meet, and the suffering and pain they are causing themselves as a consequence of being unable to meet their needs or even to acknowledge that they may have such needs.

When we can address the deep seated needs which are genuinely driving such a person's behavior we place ourselves in control of the situation and we may then be able to deflect their hostility and awaken their love and happiness and joy in order to give them a moment of sweet respite from being the monster they have made of themselves. They may react with fear to this sort of experience at first because it is unfamiliar and threatens to undermine their coping mechanisms based on hostility because their hostility becomes inappropriate when they are awakened to their capacity to love and feel compassion for themselves and others.

Their initial fear can re-ignite their hostility because their hostility is a defense mechanism to protect them from being hurt. When they love they become vulnerable and being vulnerable is often intolerable to such a person. But with patience and love such a person's defense mechanisms may be worn down little by little to be replaced with an increasing capacity to respond to circumstances in their lives with love and compassion.

Usually one person will not be there with them the entire way to guide them through this sort of transformation. It generally takes many, many people each contributing a little bit toward successfully helping someone like this to heal. This is because what needs to be healed most in such people is their trust of people in general. Specific people may have hurt them, but they often lack the capacity to distinguish the difference between those people who may have hurt them and other people who may or may not hurt them. So they choose to perceive everyone as a potential threat and then choose to respond with hostility in order to protect themselves.

Only when many, many people have all shown such a person true love, compassion, respect and kindness they will slowly heal so that they may learn to trust and to love. Such a person may often then experience a great deal of anguish as they heal because they may come to hate themselves for all the pain they believe they may have caused other people to feel. The pain of their self hatred can re-ignite their anger and their frustration with themselves and may cause them to return to their old ways of acting with hostility toward everyone around them.

But at this stage their healing is actually well under way and those special people who are able to show such a person mercy, tenderness, love and compassion will continue to lead those wounded people back to the source of their pain and may reawaken their capacity to love and nurture themselves and to learn to love and nurture the people around them. Eventually such wounded people may be able to heal themselves to a level where they may be able to promote the same sort of healing in other people too.

Even our worst enemies, the people who have hurt us the most, are opportunities for us to develop our compassion, tolerance and love. The rewards of discovering a capacity within ourselves to love and heal hostile, wounded people are immense because when we have made our contributions to heal such people we are helping to protect others from harm as well as learning to keep ourselves safe from the sort of harm we may otherwise allow such a person to do to us.

The fact that we actually do allow other people to harm us is the other half of this amazing spiritual equation... We really do choose to allow other people to hurt us. We invite them to do so. We are never random victims. Whenever we manifest an experience of feeling harmed we have an inner need that has driven us to find that experience and manifest it in our lives.

Ultimately we are in total control of our lives at all times. Learning to take conscious, willful control of our destinies is part of the art of alchemy and it begins with loving in response to every experience in our lives. It continues by accepting our responsibility for creating our circumstances, and it comes to fruition when we have empowered ourselves to consciously choose what we will manifest in our lives once we have worked through all of our own inner pain and conflicts and no longer possess any hidden motivations to punish ourselves with deprivation or abuse.

That is how alchemy works… Alchemy is driven by our spirit, it is powered by our love, it is shaped by our will, and it manifests in our lives as abundance and joy.

It is always our choice to love in response to everything we experience... So choose to love and to love always!


Hello Reader,
We are collectively known by the name of Greg Gourdian for the purposes of publishing our articles. We are a group of people spanning many worlds and universes; we cohabitate many bodies, however we have only one body ere in this world we share with you.
We worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. While much of our written work has been channeled we may often admit that we have no idea who many of the voices of our channeled work may be.
We have many strange tales to tell regarding our spiritual journeys and we try to tell our tales in a humorous or entertaining manner.
While we were a high-school student without teaching credentials we taught high-school classes in metaphysics & parapsychology, psychology, and sociology.
We are still emerging from the closet in regard to being a system of many people inhabiting what appears to be a single body in the context of the world we seem to share with you. Our current written works reflect this new change in perspective as we have adopted the plural personal pronoun to help us to develop a greater awareness and understanding of ourselves.
We hope you will understand if we sometimes may sound awkward or conceited as a consequence of making this verbal adjustment in how we refer to ourselves.
Our group's primary beliefs share these ideals:
That love should be universal and unconditional.
That liberty is a gift like love which may be enjoyed better by giving it to everyone.
That justice may best be served by not judging.