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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blog: Guided - Meeting Scott and Cody

Sometimes we are guided. When our friend David mentioned the lunar eclipse Monday evening we almost blew it off, having little faith it would be visible in San Francisco. But we felt something tugging at us to go to the beach and observe so we departed shortly before midnight…

Guided - Meeting Scott and Cody

We had a cool time when we went to the beach to see the lunar eclipse spanning Monday night and early Tuesday morning (Aug 24th 2007)...

We felt guided as we drove there, guided even in the intent to go there, it was a somewhat mystical drive getting there through the fog which took us over a big hill. We realized we probably would not get to see the eclipse as we were setting out, in spite of a popular rumor that the fog would clear away in time to see it… and indeed the sky remained too overcast to see anything beyond the clouds.

However, we met some lovely people who had also come to the beach for a chance to see the eclipse. There are fires nearly every night on the beach and three fires were burning when we finally arrived there.

We met some people at the head of one of the many sets of steps that go down through the tide wall that protects the city from erosion, particularly in heavy storms. One was named Cody, we lost the name of the other a nice fellow with pale blond hair who was playing music in his pocket just loud enough to share with anyone standing close by.

Cody had painted his face red with black markings above the left eye and below the right eye.

We shared our American Spirit tobacco with Cody and rolled one for ourselves as we'd been told we should have a full-moon smoke and eclipses are full-moon events. We took a couple or 3 puffs as we chatted with these two fellows. A bit of a commotion broke out down at the foot of the stairs where perhaps 4-5 more people were hanging out... One fellow marched off shouting and upset, he was headed off at an angle to the northwest toward a point where someone appeared to be lighting a new fire...

A bit later we said farewells and carried on along the wall to the stairs opposite the nearest fire.

At the first fire we met 4 girls, one was celebrating her Birthday. Was her name Angelica? Drat, we are just soooo bad with remembering names, we definitely wanted to remember her though…. One of the girls had fallen in the surf and was feeling too cold. The conversation here was quiet and mostly personal to their tiny group and we eventually moved on...

At the southern most fire we were greeted warmly by a group of people who were just leaving. One young man there was celebrating his birthday. We met a fellow there called Buster and the departing partiers loaded him down with food, water and a beer as they made farewells with hugs all around.

The girls were gone when we stopped with Buster by their fire to let Buster roll a smoke with our tobacco... We took a few puffs off our known ciggy then, as we had saved it after taking 2-3 puffs on it earlier…

There was one beer among the supplies that Buster had some trouble opening; we found a slot in one of the steel walls of the fire pit that served well as a bottle opener. This fire pit was shaped like a huge steel flower with ornamental slots cut in the petals in the shapes of stamen.

While we were smoking a woman came up, she had immigrated to the US 30 yrs ago from Slovakia. She was there with her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend that were off enjoying the darkness by the surf... As we chatted three of the four girls returned and we stood together making introductions and so forth... one of the gals was putting out some pretty dismal statements so we tried to counsel her a bit on improving her outlook; her friend with the birthday that night chimed in with us and the discussion turned to the importance of having a good attitude to teach children when raising kids...

The Slovakian woman's daughter and boyfriend arrived and then departed again. The girls took photos including a group photo of the birthday girl with us, the Slovakian woman and Buster hugging... We left Buster and the Slovakian woman at the fire after the three girls departed in order to explore the new fire that had been started up further south.

We passed two unused fire pits like big steel cauldrons along the way.

At the next fire we met up with the kidz from the stairs… We later learned that the kidz call each other kids regardless of age; these were all youths, perhaps late teens up to nearly 30. They were smoking and drinking and talking and tending large stones in their fire which they were heating for a sweat lodge they had erected a bit south of their fire.

Buster donated the proceeds from the fire farthest north to the group and laid out many bags of snacks, and a 2 gallon jerry of water. One of the fellows came around to where we had been standing with Buster to the NW of the fire as soon as left to take an interest in tending the fire.

This fellow Scott reached for our hand; he reached beyond our hand to clasp our wrist in a fashion we returned. We learned this was their culture’s greeting for equals and members of their culture called The Kidz.... there is a bit more to the group name referencing some author or band or such, but the short name for their entire culture appears to be Kidz.

Scott was the fellow who had earlier marched off in distress and he now wanted to share an epiphany with us. Scott had just had a spiritual awakening that evening and was finally free of his despair and suicidal feelings regarding his girlfriend who had been cut in half by a freight train as he watched helpless because it had happened so suddenly...

She had taught him to be a 'traveler' to hop freight trains to tour the world... She had every advantage a university graduate with a good job, apartment, the whole nine yards, the world was hers, she had it all according to Scott who was a homeless drifter kid. He had been riding the rails with his girlfriend for over a year before her accident. She had been climbing a ladder down between two cars while carrying her bag, Scott had already thrown his on bag off and leaped clear of the moving train...

But the train lurched harshly and she was thrown to the ground beneath the wheels...

We could see the depth of pain Scott was still carrying but we could see too that he was adjusting and he began to explain his epiphany and how he had finally heard his girlfriend telling him to carry on living even though he only wanted to die... Well from where we were looking at things Scott had done as we had done, and had killed himself that night in his grief only to learn that he could not die so easily and that he was wanted here and he agreed to return...

We had tried to interrupt his tale a couple of times to let him know that his girlfriend was here in spirit and would always be with him in spirit and that he could continue his relationship with her through spirit but he didn't have any beliefs that allowed him to understand that until his experience that night when he died. So he rejected the idea of her being there in spirit out of mental habit while going on to tell us about how he heard here speak to him tonight and how she had been with him and talking to him this whole past month since her death. What could we say? We were overjoyed to learn he had discovered enough of spirit to have this experience even though he was already beginning to rationalize the death experience he had that night and turn it into a story in his mind that fit what the knew of the 'facts' about death according to most western people's reality paradigms.

We explained some of what had happened to Scott and how he was awakening and that tonight was the most powerful night of his life when he was most capable of manifesting a new life for himself, a better life. He was clearly in some doubt still about deserving a better life and we tried to counsel him on self worth and intention.

We were interrupted by the young blond fellow who gave us a beer and wanted to talk some, and later we all sat together on the north northeast side of the fire smoking and drinking when new people arrived...

The new people were lead by a fellow named ??? who parried verbally with the kidz in a bit of cultural perspective and interface adjustments as some racist remarks were made but everyone agreed to like each other regardless of any prejudices or bigotries...
The new groups leader was respectful and asked permission to join and share and sat with us and Scott felt drawn to him and wanted to tell his story to him. This fellow was touched very deeply in his heart and reached out to hold Scott briefly, more than a hug... and the conversation drifted about around them while Scott unburdened himself with his new friend.

The kidz called the new guy a kid though he was probably close to forty and he knew he'd been accepted among them and was flattered and grateful. But his 4-5 friends were uncomfortable and were now begging to leave as they had jobs to go to in the morning. They could not leave without their friend as he was driving them all... But he had bonded with Scott and was torn and did not want to leave. We explained we were there for Scott and it would be ok and Scott asked for our tobacco and we passed it to him so he could roll smokes for his new friend and himself, he rolled one for someone else as well and we pulled out our own smoke which still had nearly half left as we are a very conservative smoker limited to 3 puffs once a week or less under ordinary circumstances.

The new fellow agreed to take his friends home after his smoke. when he got up to leave Scott accompanied them back to their car and sought us out to continue talking with us when he returned.

Scott's new friend had given him contact info and told him to look him up. He said he wanted to give Scott half a million dollars because he was so fabulously wealthy he had no use for the money and he wanted Scott to be able to makes something good in his life. We pointed out that this was indeed the most powerful night of his life and that the offer may very well be real and sincere and to give it all due consideration because he should be able to tell his new found benefactor how he wants to use the money he will receive.

We discussed Scott's reservations about accepting the money. Scott knew he could easily blow it all partying and giving it away to other kidz and he felt a responsibility to do something more than that with the money but was struggling with the guilt of not sharing it with all the kidz he would meet. We tried to explain that he would always have his gifts of compassion, love and nurture to share with the kidz and that he now had the opportunity to fulfill a dream or vision and to allow himself to find a goal and intend for it to manifest through this gift.

It came time for Scott to go and he was reluctant to leave us. He told us how grateful he was to meet us and how he felt he might not be worthy of meeting us and we explained our life was in service and we were drawn by spirit to be there for him but that we served many people online as well.

We tried to explain how we were really all equals, and that no one is more worthy than anyone else. We described our purpose in life as we see it is to enjoy life to its fullest and to do our best to manifest ourselves as the person we most dream of being… We said that we were all in this together, and that since we really are all equals our only way to improve our situation in life is by helping to improve everyone else’s situation too, so that we all rise up together.

We gave him our card with our blog and email address so that he might contact us when he gets settled. It might take awhile to hear from him as he may not have an email account to use. But if he really intends to contact us he will be able to go to any library, create an email account for free and then get in touch.

Scott was very grateful to receive our card and we hugged and parted...

We hung with the last two kidz left after the folks who had built the sweat lodge tore it down and went home. The one we had first met, Cody, had been telling very interesting stories all night though some bits might have seemed a bit scary, such as the part where he and his friends hunted and killed a man who may have been a vampire and who had demonstrated evidence of being over 200 yrs old...

Cody said this man had controlled an entire town through something that may have been a sort of malign spiritual domination so Cody and his friends probably decided that he was evil and deserved killing for that reason. They may have made a sort of sacrifice of this guy, as Cody described spreading his intestines throughout the branches of a tree in the form of a pentacle above his decapitated head...

Cody related some other strange accounts such as leveling a science building at his HS in an explosion caused when his teacher freaked out about him cooking there. He said spent seven years in jail for that one.... Seems a lot of the kidz may have been in for awhile for one reason or another... Cody said there was 7 million dollars waiting for him when he got out, a payment in thanks for creating an ice cream treat that was marketed very successfully by Dairy Queen.

Cody said he blew all the money partying and described some of the luxuries he enjoyed during that time... We liked his taste in women.

Cody and the blond fellow (damn, bit we sure wish we were better at names as we really liked this kid a lot) took off and we policed the site for rubbish and then we left too...

We no longer recall at what point Buster left but we liked him very much as well. Buster had an innate wisdom and presence of mind that seemed to make him another of our guides that night. We learned a bit from Buster and will try to remember those lessons. Buster spoke more about love than anything else that night and he was clearly a very loving man.

It was some time after 6 am when we got home...