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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Psychic Reading - Cold Reading & Ethical Considerations

The term ‘cold reading’ refers to a process in which the reader appears to fish for information while trying to get their subject to gain confidence in their abilities to read them which may include small deceptions or avoiding areas of poor performance by quickly moving on to other topics and by reinforcing any affinity or empathic responses perceived in the subject which are directed toward the reader.

Psychic Reading - Cold Reading & Ethical Considerations

Cold reading is a practice of using guesswork to develop enough information about a subject’s circumstances that the reader can then go on to provide advice that seems personal to the subject as if it were special advice just for them rather than general advice that may be true for many or most people in the same circumstances. The reader focuses on accurate guesses and distracts the subject from their inaccurate guesses in order to maintain an illusion of their psychic abilities and their connectedness with their subject.

Because it is possible to use cold reading techniques to fool a subject into believing in the authenticity of a reader’s psychic powers many skeptics are prone to try to explain all psychic phenomena that occur in readings on the basis of cold reading.

However there is a valid psychic practice called attunement which may appear to have many of the same characteristics as cold reading and which is very often learned by learning cold reading first. A reader who is establishing their attunement with their subject may talk with their subject in order to establish an empathic rapport. In this state of rapport the reader is able to more deeply sense what is troubling their subject and to respond with helpful information. The difference between cold reading and attunement is that with a successful attunement the subject and reader enter into a much deeper level of communication so that the words which may be spoken become only small conceptual tokens which help the reader and subject to share much larger and more complex ideas and perceptions than may be apparent to an onlooker who does not participate in the attunement or rapport shared by the reader and their subject.

By reaching this deep level of communication through attunement a reader may often address a broad range of issues and circumstances with an economy of words in order to quickly help their subject see for themselves what is going on in their life and how to remedy something which may be distressing them. On the surface it may seem like a simple conversation but there is a deeper level of communication taking place between the reader and subject where the real conversation and healing are taking place.

To the casual observer there may be no evidence that anything extraordinary is taking place. However, to an attuned observer it is clear how much of the conversation is taking place at a deeper more intuitive level between the reader and their subject. This may cause the casual observer to mistakenly believe that only a cold reading is being given.

A potential to be misunderstood by observers is one reason it is important for psychic readers to behave in a strictly ethical manner. As much as possible, readers should bypass those elements of their dialogue with their subjects which are most common to cold reading practices in their efforts to attune with their subjects.

A far more important reason to exhibit consistently ethical conduct is the potential for abuse of the relationship between a reader and their subject. There are several potential dangers for the subject, as well as some dangers for the reader.

Psychic reading has an extraordinary potential to raise the energy levels of both the reader and their subject. The intense rush of energy, clarity, love and wellbeing that results can be highly addictive for some individuals, so caution and balance are important at all times.

Both readers and there clients may be prone to become dependent upon psychic reading either for guidance and support or for a sense of self worth and wellbeing. This is an unhealthy condition and readers or their subjects who develop dependencies upon psychic reading need to take a break and work on the appropriate skills, concepts or understanding that will help them to approach reading in a healthy manner free of dependency.

Perhaps the most serious danger to the subject is that they will become dependent upon the reader for guidance rather than learning to understand their life and learning the skills needed to become an independent, self empowered person.

The goal of psychic reading should always be to show the subject how they may learn to trust their own intuition and understanding of their life and circumstances and how they may take charge of their life so that they may empower themselves to heal, prosper, love and nurture more successfully. Anything that fails to enable a subject to achieve these goals may be a serious disservice to the subject.

Far less commonplace, but far more serious, is a potential to give the subject of a psychic reading information that may inadvertently cause them to harm themselves either unwittingly or deliberately. It is incumbent upon readers to avoid sharing any information or advise which may be misunderstood or acted upon in a harmful or destructive manner, whether that harm may be directed by the subject against themselves or toward another person or their property.

In some circumstances readers may fall into a trap in which their sense of self worth becomes dependent upon their relationship with their subjects. This is a very dangerous situation because any feelings of insecurity on the part of the reader may become magnified in their relationships with their clients and their responses to their increasing feelings of insecurity may cause them to over-reach and provide false or misleading advice or information in an effort to compensate. Alternatively, the reader may develop a reactive false sense of their self worth which verges upon egomania. In such a state they may still be likely to over-reach themselves and to provide information or advice that may be more harmful than nurturing.

Psychic reading is a powerful tool for personal change which impacts both the reader and their client equally. When a reader successfully assists a subject to resolve an area of their life in which they have been causing harm to themselves or others around them the reader is reinforcing the same lessons within themselves which they shared with their subject, and the reader is actively healing themselves of past injuries related to the lessons being reviewed with their subject. As a consequence, some of the same warnings which should be given to the subject of a psychic reading may also apply to the reader.

Because of the potential to examine, change or heal deeply seated complexes of behavior and self perception, readers should advise their subjects that they may feel unusual for awhile and that they should not be hasty to take any serious actions while they are adjusting to their new state of awareness and wellbeing.

One of the consequences of deep change in a person’s life as a result of a psychic reading may be strange illnesses which seem to come and go for no particular reason. Subjects and readers should visit their doctors if symptoms persist for a long time or seem life threatening or debilitating. While these problems may often clear up on their own in a few days or at most a couple of weeks, this period of transition can be frightening and subjects and readers alike must be prepared to share their problems or feelings with members of their support networks while the changes taking place within them are active.

One common symptom reported by many people is a feeling of having a nervous breakdown. They are absolutely correct to perceive themselves as having a breakdown, but in general, such a breakdown is healthy and it is important to help the person who feels this way to understand that what they are going through is a healthy part of the changes taking place in their life. They need to know that everything is really ok and that the discomfort will pass.

People’s lives are built up brick by brick with countless small habits. These habits may be personal ways of thinking, perceiving or feeling, as well as ways of physically behaving in context to their environment, their social roles, their personal relationships, and to themselves. All of these habits are interrelated; together they maintain a person’s life in what is typically a stable pattern which provides them with comfort, security, nurture, love and understanding.

When transformative healing takes place it is necessary to change many of these interrelated habits all at once and as a result the entire edifice of a person’s ego or self perception, and their understanding of how they are related to the world around them crumbles in order for healthier habits to emerge and become the new building blocks the individual will now use to maintain themselves. This process can be terrifying and many people may wind up in some form of mental health care in order to find help with dealing with this sort of powerful change in their lives.

Because the mental health care systems in most nations fail to adequately recognize and respond to this sort of change, many people feel afraid to approach these care-giving networks for help. However it is important that people in such circumstances reach out for help and these services may still be the best way for them to find help in a crisis. If the person who is in need of urgent care is informed about what is happening to them then their chances of successfully engaging mental health services to help them through their crisis are very good, so it is important to recognize symptoms of this sort of problem and advise persons who may be experiencing a mental or emotional breakdown so that they understand what is happening to them and can seek appropriate support services with confidence that they will receive the care they require to manage their crisis successfully.

Both readers and their subjects need to understand this important aspect of the work they are engaging in so that when they succeed in initiating a transformational healing process they will be prepared for any consequences and will be capable of coping with those consequences as they heal and become happier, healthier, more loving and more nurturing human beings.


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