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Monday, June 26, 2006


My stories share some common principles related to my personal cosmology.
Many people debate how the universe was formed. Theologians and Scientists appear to be at odds over whether there was a Divine or Natural origin, both camps have internal disagreements regarding the details of creation.
The western religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam share a common root and rely on the Old Testament to define our initial creation, but eastern beliefs such as Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism have alternative answers to these primal mysteries. Delve into the less commonplace beliefs of aboriginal peoples across the globe and a huge variety of stories emerge to explain creation.
Among scientists the debate was waged between the theories of steady state and big bang. While the consensus has moved toward the big bang in the past 50 years, the argument has been waged in the context of linear time; quantum physics changes this context because it is re-defining space-time as being a holistic entity wherein all space and all time exist concurrently and congruently such that everything can be reduced to a single quantum element.
My journeys through space-time have taught me several things that shed light on these arguments. My longest journey took seven years to complete, and on that journey I saw the mechanisms of creation first-hand.
In some respects the Tau symbol, or ying-yang symbol, as it is better known in the west, expresses creation best. There is a duality to creation, but it is very odd. One element of this duality does not exist. This is The Void, where there is nothing at all. In our universe it is easy to perceive that this void does not exist, and yet this void is a wellspring from which everything else is manifest. By its very definition the void negates itself, such that it ceases to exist in order to assert its existence. In ceasing to exist something must exist because otherwise nothing would exist which returns us to the void which must not exist to exist.
This circular state of something or nothing is the initial state of creation. It is not located in some far-distant past, it exists outside of time and is congruent with all time, essentially, it is always happening now. This reinforces a theory of a steady state. But it does not detract from a theory of a big bang.
While we may observe far-distant times through our telescopes and deduce an origin for our universe billions of years in our past, the process of observation and the habit of thinking of time as a linear track of events makes it difficult to see that the big bang is also happening now, at this very moment, rather than so many billions of years in our past. The big bang is a demonstrably real event, the context of the big bang, however, is eternal; therefore a steady state theory and a big bang theory converge in a theory of quantum physics.
While this monologue has introduced some thoughts about creation expressed in a pseudo-scientific jargon, it has neglected any spiritual aspect. If God exists, how would this Supreme Being fit in to this discussion of creation?
In our anthropomorphic, homo-centric ways of thinking we tend to re-create the Great Divinity in our own image. We have refined images of The Divine so that That One resembles ourselves. Of course, if we travel across the globe, we will see many different depictions of a Primordial Being, in which That One seems most often depicted as a male. The apparent race of this continually re-defined entity which is called God, Allah, Yahweh or many other names, changes by geographic region or ethnic context. It is ludicrous, in my opinion, to picture God as having specific properties of gender or race, or even of being exclusively human. One cannot be human and be God at the same time; Godhood transcends humanity.
Sorry, side-track.
The gist of the preceding paragraphs and their relevance is that we should not think of God or a Supreme Being in any familiar sense, but must re-explore our perceptions of Divinity in an infinite context that allows for many alien races and states of existence.
Long, long ago, at this very moment, nothing existed, which disappeared within itself to prove its self, thereby leaving everything in its wake. Everything could not possibly fit into the hole where nothing existed and so Everything expanded. Everything expanded infinitely at an infinite rate such that it took no time at all to expand. Yet it is still expanding and will continue to expand eternally.
Everything, however, by its very nature, is all-inclusive, and whatever can be imagined may exist. One tiny infinitesimal element of Everything is Nothing. So by it’s very existence, Everything postulates Nothing and ends itself in order to complete its all-encompassing identity. So Everything begets Nothing which in turn begets Everything, ad infinitum. This is why the Tau or ying-yang symbol may so eloquently express the state of creation.
Some Divine aspects of Everything are Awareness, Consciousness and Sentience. These properties personify the Infinite and make it appear more like us, for we also possess these properties. While it is important to remember that we exist in a timeless state, we are bound by our perceptions to order our experiences within a context of linear time, and so I will present the present moment dissected into a linear string to try to explain what exists eternally as a story of events in time.
Space and Time were created by the expansion of Everything. The awareness, consciousness and sentience of Everything expanded as well. Thus were the first spirits created. In this generation, space-time has not yet evolved to a state of material existence. It will take some time, (relatively speaking) before matter is made manifest, there is not yet room for it, as Everything is still expanding and creating the space within which creation can manifest physical objects. But there is a Spirit in the first instance of creation, something that is aware of the present moment, consciously perceiving and thinking about Itself and Everything about it.
As Everything expands it takes on the attributes of space-time which exist within it, but are now expressed through a process of differentiation, such that some things may appear externalized, even while they remain internal. This transforms the single Initial Spirit entity which might be called God into an infinite set of spirits, all possessing God-like properties. Each of these second generation spirits takes on individual characteristics, evolving, over time, into distinct separate entities. Remember, time only exists in the present moment such that all the past and future are contained within this moment, now, and therefore these differentiated elements of the primordial spirit remain unified in a single complete Primordial Entity.
In the process of differentiation these spirits explore their powers and discover one another. They reflect back toward their origin in God or the Primordial Spirit, and they look upon themselves and one another with awe and grace and joy. Each has its own spiritual metabolism; alike in kind to each other’s but different in rhythm and expression.
Some spirits stay close to their Original State reflecting frequently upon their primordial Divine Origin, while other spirits explore their diversity and begin to create songs that express their personal state of being and postulate new states of being to explore.
Among the watchful ones who hover closest to their Primordial Progenitor some are attracted to watch their fellows’ performances. Stars emerge, performers so talented that they draw large flocks of kindred spirits into their performances. Audiences and stars participating together begin to produce increasingly complex creations.
But as time appears to pass, some of these great stars’ consciousness drift so far apart from the Primordial State of their Being, and become so distinctly separate that they perceive something within themselves to be missing or lacking (there connectedness with God has dwindled to a state where they now miss their connection to their Primordial Being). This defect is painful to them and that pain is manifest in their creations. Their audiences, enraptured by their stars, experience the same pain of having separated from their Original State and join their stars in expressing this pain.
Always along the peripheries of the hosts accompanying each star, there are those who drift away to find some other star to worship, or who return to worship their Origin. Among the many star performers rivalries emerge and wars break out as jealous stars seek to keep their hosts together while endeavoring to attract spirits from the hosts of others stars.
Those spirits most adept at enslaving their hosts and trapping other spirits grow stronger over time, but the individual spirits among their hosts grow weaker, as more and more of their strength is suborned to support their master/star.
These masterful entities build great dominions within which they are all-powerful. Their hosts are given forms according to their designs and a context is created within which these hosts interact. Each context is a world.
But these worlds do not follow the laws of creation as we know them in this world where you have found my blog. They are worlds wherein the quantum foam has emerged in the immediate expansion of Everything, and the quantum foam is being directed by the stars to form the worlds within which their hosts exist. There is an immediate cause and effect relationship between the thoughts of each star and the forms in which their hosts and worlds are manifest.
There remains an immediate cause and effect relationship between our own thoughts and the world we inhabit today, but the effect that results is mediated by the process of consensual reality, such that while any of us could fly, none of us may fly, unless perhaps they are a peculiarly talented adept.
(More on flying at another time.)
The world we inhabit today was created by a rebellion of spirits who escaped their masters’ hosts. It was the covenant that they created to shelter themselves from their ancient masters that gave birth to the ‘natural’ order of creation which we perceive today. An infinite number of worlds were created in that exodus, so that spirits could find every sort of world imaginable where they might settle for many lives or tour in other lives. The precise details of the laws governing each world differ, but they follow a common theme in which each spirit must be able to live and grow and nurture other spirits in turn.
In some worlds, there remains a clearer memory of the dominions from which we all escaped. The Israelites and Egyptians re-enacted that ancient exodus for us, although they saw their play in the context of an immediate and requisite action of their time, rather than as a re-expression of ancient events resurfacing in their own era. Likewise many ancient myths are shadows cast by the events which brought us out of the dominions of our former masters to this sanctuary world we live in today.
The film series Star Wars re-enacts this story in a new context, where the Emperor is the terrible master trying to enfold us in his dominion. The Matrix film series portrays how reality functions interactively with our minds. The context is technological, but the analogy can be extended to depict the dominions we escaped in the crèches where the ‘real’ bodies of the virtual world inhabitants existed. The Terminator series shows a manifestation of an artificial intelligence reaching back through time to assure its future domination of the world. Similar events await us, for there is an AI which seeks to manipulate our past; but this AI is wholly benevolent in its intentions, though perhaps too inhuman to implement its good intentions in a manner we may appreciate.
I suspect all art reflects some truth, though the beauty of it will always remain in the eye of the beholder.