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Friday, June 30, 2006

Cosmology: Myths and Legends

Perhaps the greatest modern myth is that the Earth exists in a vacuum; we are told today that there are great empty voids of uninhabited space that separate the planets and moons of the solar system. This certainly appears to be true when we look out upon the universe through the window of the night-time sky.
But there is no empty space. If you could just slightly alter your rhythm or vibration you could walk off into the sky and beyond, stepping from world to world, or step into the Earth, descending toward the gravitational gateway that resides near the center of the Earth.
Whichever way you went you would encounter life forms and spirits inhabiting invisible worlds that cohabit some of the same space inhabited by the Earth. The realms of fairies and elves and angels would become apparent, as would those inhabited by trolls, orcs or demons.
The persistence with which these mythological and spiritual creatures of legend appear in Earthly tales is due to the great proximity of their worlds to our own world; they exist in worlds which are literally only a heartbeat away from our world at any time. They live in worlds which are distinguished from our own world by only a slight change in vibration or rhythm. Their proximity makes it relatively easy for our awareness to transcend the veils between the worlds and return with stories that describe the lives of those strange beings that inhabit the many other worlds so nearby to our own world.
I like to think of the space around our sun as shaped like an onion in many somewhat spherical layers that spiral outward from the center. You can walk around the sun in circles, following the layers inward toward the sun or outward toward the stars. Or you may climb through the layers like a staircase if you wish to move outward or inward more quickly.
Each step will take you from one world to another. Some steps may carry you farther than others, depending on the degree to which your vibration or rhythm is altered. The closest worlds are so alike to this one that you can scarcely tell the difference. More distant worlds begin to reveal alternate histories where JFK or Martin Luther King Jr. were never assassinated, or where Hitler won the Second World War, or where nearly everyone perished in a nuclear war in 1965.
Other steps will take you to entirely different worlds, worlds inhabited by unicorns, gryphons, dragons, rocs or other creatures that we know of in this world only through myth and legend. You may meet the sentient silver trees whose lives are interconnected through their root systems so that they may speak to each other through their roots. The branches of these eternal silver trees connect to living beings throughout all of the many worlds of all the universes. These sentient trees weep liquid crystal tears through their silver skins which carry the essences of the experiences of each of the many different lives of those other beings which they communicate with through their branches.
In some worlds you may meet frightening degenerate horrors, the descendants of the survivors of terrible catastrophes that have ruined their former civilizations and twisted their survivors’ genes to produce quasi-human monstrosities.
Infinity leaves room for a lot of different worlds and ways to live; if you go far enough you will encounter things so strange they may defy your understanding.
All of these worlds are only a few tiny steps away; it is only a matter of your rhythm or vibration that separates your steps from one world to the next.
This is what makes music so transcendental. Music can carry you away to distant places. I find myself visiting islands in the Caribbean Sea whenever a reggae song is played; jazz music may take me to New Orleans or to New York, Philadelphia or LA; classical music most often returns me to the renaissance and European cities familiar from past lives.
If you listen carefully, you can hear music everywhere you go, for every place has its own music welling up from within it. You only need to be especially quiet within yourself to hear it. This music may be the origin of the phrase ‘The music of the spheres’ (another piece of myth or legend), it often bears celestial qualities as well as more terrestrial strains.
You can follow this moving music out to the stars or down into the Earth.
It can be a very long journey to go outward to the stars; the inward journey through the Earth provides several shortcuts. There is a gravitational gateway beneath us that orbits the center of the Earth; the gateway inhabits a region known in myth as Hades. The gravitational gateway is guarded by a spirit that some people may recognize as Christ, although this spirit may appear in different forms to people of different beliefs.
The gateways of every world are guarded in this fashion.
Enter the gravitational gateway deep within the Earth and you enter upon a finely balanced point in space-time that connects with the next gateway deep within the heart of the sun. The Egyptians knew of this connection and the path one could walk among the planets, they called it the Solar Return. The mystery of the Solar Return has been handed down to this day in legend and myth.
From the sun it is a quick step to any planet, or you may pass through to the next larger gateway in the heart of our galaxy. From the galactic portal any star is easily reached. These gravitational focal points create places of extraordinary balance where it is easiest to translate your self between worlds, stars and galaxies. Continue up the chain and you quickly reach the infinite where all of creation lies before you to gaze upon.
You can spend an eternity there admiring the view, and still return to any time and space you choose.
The greatest obstacles to this sort of dimensional travel among the stars are two-fold; there are internal fears that distract us from making such journeys and there are external pressures which compel us to experience a single presence in a single world. In truth, we are each infinite beings. We already live among all of the worlds of all of the stars in creation. Our minds create filters designed to reduce our physical perceptions to a single world and lifetime.
I have become accustomed to a world that changes from day to day in ways other people are seem not to observe. The wrought iron fence around a yard may the next day be chain link and on another day it will be made of wooden boards. Sometime later it may appear to be wrought iron once more. Houses or shops may change there shapes, colors, size or orientation, possibly disappearing altogether or sprouting up from vacant lots overnight.
In the so-called ‘real world’ these changes tend to be overlooked if they are noticed at all. Our minds will quickly change to accept the difference as if whatever it now is was that way all along. Consensus reality is designed to maintain a consistent order to the world that will ordinarily only change by the direct intervention of people or nature. But in my experience there sometimes is a lot of drift; I may at times catch small changes that tell me I am no longer in quite the same world I as that which I occupied yesterday or the day before. The major details of this world which I think of as my home world remain pretty much the same, as do most of the personal details, but many of the details of context in which these more reliable patterns persist seem up for grabs.
These fractional changes are fun in a way; I am not unused to getting lost as I must sometimes find new ways to get to one or another of those familiar places I most often visit. It can be harrowing at times, I have wound up in places so foreign to me that I could not read the signs or speak the language. But I always find my way home, or to a place so much like my home that there is no point in trying to examine the minutiae of the differences.
I am still called upon from time to time to visit worlds in the wake of terrible catastrophes, war, famine or disease; anywhere where people are dying by the hundreds or thousands, where the traumatized spirits of the dead are unable to find their way back to their previous lives. Often a little insight and a softly spoken word or two are enough to get them moving in the right direction, so that they may return to their lives and continue on where they left off.
A touch of amnesia is often required, the victims must sometimes be helped to forget that they have died or that their world was destroyed so that when they return to their recently departed life their world remains real to them and does not seem to be some trick or illusion that is in any way less real than the world they were familiar with before they had died.
There is a legend of two rivers of the underworld that are part of this process of death and resurrection, the River Styx and the River Lethe. Styx is the river of death and the souls which cross it suffer. Lethe is the river of forgetfulness and here the souls which cross it are given a rest from their torments before they return to their lives. I know, I am taking some liberty here, but then I speak from my experience rather than relying on the hand-me-down tales of these two great rivers of ancient legend that have passed down the generations to modern times in this world where you may now be reading my blog.
The hand-me-down tales of myth and legend may all have suffered somewhat too much from ‘whisper-down-the-lane’ syndrome. Who can know what details were lost or changed or added along the way from ancient times to our modern days?
Myths and legends persist; they are echoes of archetype events that lie buried deep in our psyches, awaiting our exploration and understanding.