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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Graduation & Other News

Dear friends, those we've met and those we've yet to meet...

We received notice of our graduation from spirit guide school. along with a white feather to commemorate the occasion. We are now a full-fledged spirit guide in our own right. (Some of you may remember one of our spirit guides, White Feather. )

We have been operating a sort of impromptu street clinic for people in crisis following spiritual awakenings and it's been going very well.

We are currently in Philadelphia visiting family and trying to look up old friends.

We have reliably accessed the metaprogramming circuit level of consiousness described by Timothy Leary three times in the past 2 months, and we are eager to continue working in that vein as it correlates with the throat chakra and the potential to completely heal ourselves of our various organic/emotional/psychological issues.

We are meeting lots of new people every day, and we now may have one or more lovers waiting for us in San Francisco when we get home. These are monumental changes in our lives.

Greg is beginning to improve and we hope to have his help with our writing work again very soon, as we are getting antsy to continue our novel regarding AD 2076, and our story "Vampire Therapy".

We will be taking down the message board notice above asap, as that idea didn't pan out so well. That may take awhile as our PC is currently offline with a crashed hard drive, and we are using library PCs and friends' PCs for the moment.

We have recently observed that the internal links on this blog are working even more poorly than before. we will try to get that fixed asap as well.

We love you all and are looking forward to hearing from you soon, but please understand if our replies are delayed by our diminshed PC access at this time.

Love, Gharveyn